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Young Russian fashion?
I'm interested in Russian culture, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little bit about how the teens dress in Russia. Pictures would be great too. :-)
:) ive gone to russia twice.
&& my brother and sister are adopted from there.

in Moscow and other large citys, they dress very nice. Furs in the winter, dresses, high boots in the winter. in the summer, im not too sure. i was there in both summer and winter, i just dont remember lol.

out side of russia is less wealthy. its more hand made stuff, with scarves. things like that.…

if you cant see my photos feel free to add me :) i have 3 albums of pictures from russia. and i still stay in contact with my translators so i can ask them further detail if you would like.
In Russia does every teen boy want to be a thief?
Ok the Russian thieves world is the best criminal tradition on this planet we also have the mafia that is the most powerful and richest on this planet. So do pretty much all teeen boys become thieves at a young age? Im a Russian teen of 17 living in America and I am a thief and im not ashamed of it. Im a cat burglar and pick pocket, and a scam artist. I also know business tho the stock market a protegy i guess you would call me so ??
I am sure that I speak for a few Russian boys at least when I say no - that their aspirations lie decidedly higher than this level.

btw - all the really successful thieves, pickpockets, scam artists (etc) just get on with the business at hand and don't feel the need to brag or to attract attention. So I would call this a plea for attention more than a "protegy" at work!
Russian winter white hamsters?
hi , i will be collecting 2 russian winter white hamsters tomorrow , so i have a few questions that i cant find on the net .
.how can you tell they are happy
.what veggies do they like
.how long do they need in the exersize ball
.how is the best way to tame them
.are they good for young teens
.do they smell if cleaned regular

I have one (:
- mm they're usually happy, running around in their wheel.
- i feed mine dry food / seeds and nuts (from the pet store) but twice a week they get either apple or carrot.
- i let mine run around in the exercise ball when im cleaning the cages out.
- to tame them, for the first few days just speak to them, then introduce your hand into the cage (rubbing your hand in sawdust before hand) and let them climb onto it (expect a few nibbles at first)
- im 15 and have 4 hamsters in total (: so yes, their fine.
- the hamster wont smell, (yet its good to have special shampoo that they have at the pet store for them occasionally incase they get mites or anything.
Ive never found my dwarf hamster cages smell, only the syrians cage smells.
hope this helps (: and hope you have fun with your new hamsters.
teens/young adults do u know any good groups or artists on youtube. like maksim, timati, dima bilan, seroga, 140 udarov v minutu, diana gurtskaya. stuff along the lines. thanx
dima bilan
sasha dith
bad balance
Tatyana Ovsienko
My husband looks at teen porn.. Is he sick??
I'm 32 and he is 31. We have sex everyday. I look very young (people say I look 22 years old) and always have young men trying to hit on me. My husband sells porn to his cousins and friends. He looks at all kinds of girls (white, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Brazillian etc.) But once in a while he looks at teen porn. He says they're over 18 and says I'm overreacting. Am I overreacting or is he a sick man?? Is he with me because maybe I look like a girl??
No, it's not disgusting, and he's NOT sick. As long as you're not talking guydie porn, it's all fair game.

If they're 18 or over, you're absolutely overreacting.

Some 18 year olds find a promising career in porn BECAUSE they look like they might be about 16 or so but they can legally make porn videos so that's why they're cast. There are some porn videos that cater to an audience that like girls that look like LITTLE girls but are in fact legal adults.

Relax! You're getting way too worked up over it!

Now if you're talking about a video that looks like it stars a 12 year old in somebody's basement that's a different story...
Would you go to a teen club/teen centre in your town?
I tried to start one in St. Catharines, Ont but it got shot down faster than a Russian satellite coz adults there I guess don't care about teens and/or don't think very highly of them. If you don't know the area, at night it swarms w/ teens who have nothing to do. (and don't say "get a job", there are hardly any jobs for teens in North America).
So, I had the paperwork done, and found someone interested in funding it. I would like to try again!

I'd start the first Teen Centre where I live in southern Ontario and maybe 1 day it'll spread across North America :).
These are my ideas. Please tell me what you think.

*min. adult supervision- needs to be adults who are laidback (ex: if you deal drugs you get in trouble, but if you're swearing they leave you alone). I don't want it crawling w/ adults. I'd prefer the adults to be young, but mature.
*dress however you want but NO gang affliation
*no weapons, drugs, or alcohol (sorry it has to be legal)
*for ages 14-18 (assistants ages 19-21)
*cafe (all types of food/drink)
*movie night (14A or R) every Fri 8pm
*amateur night every Sat 7-9pm (come show your stuff), dance every Sat 9pm-midnight
*teen centre open M-Th 3pm-10pm, and Fri+Sat 11am-midnight
*optional volunteer work
*optional counseling (maybe)
*optional peer tutoring (language, English, math, science,etc)
*optional life skills courses: infant, sex/relationships, CPR, cooking, cars, college, money etc
*fashion show (summer/winter)
*no bullying policy
*no discrimination policy
*FREE membership. You pay for the events. Ex: $2 for the movie night
*sign in/out of the centre
*teambuilding events
*presentations-if a teen or teens want to present an issue or artwork, etc
*maybe photography club
*sports- BB court, skateboard park

Any other ideas? Do you like it or not?
i would love it so much seeing as there is nothing for teens to do in my town, and when i say nothing i mean nothing, no movie theaters, no bowling, no clothes stores, the only pool is on the rich part of town and we cant afford to go to it (i mean really, $350 to swim in a pool for a summer), and then adults get mad when we hand out in parks, which they say are for little guys, and on corners, they assume we are drug dealers or something, so we resort to sitting in friends basements, which gets really boring after about 5 minutes. we sit inside and our parents tell us to get out of the house, so we go outside and adults yell at us to leave where ever we are because since were 17 we must be up to no good. we do have a rec center but its mainly guys under the age of 12 there, its just one big room with a pool table in the middle with half the balls missing in the basement of a community center, so not to much fun. it would be great to just have somewhere to go to just hang out and have fun, plus it would have a huge influence on the guys in the town, who you cant exactly blame for getting in trouble when theres nothing to do and nobody gives a crap about them. you would have a lot of trouble keeping the gangs and drugs out in my town though, but if you found a way, it would be so cool to just have a safe place to chill where we feel we are supposed to be there. maybe it would be cool if you had another part of the building for younger guys, like half would be a teen zone and half would be a guy zone, and you have to be a certain age for each, because i know in my town we really could use a way to give the little guys a safe fun place to go after school. if only you could come down to where i am in NY to do it.
I want only men to answer this question please...My husband looks at teen porn.. Is he sick??
I'm 32 and he is 31. We have sex everyday. I look very young (people say I look 22 years old) and always have young men trying to hit on me. My husband sells porn to his cousins and friends. He looks at all kinds of girls (white, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Brazillian etc.) But once in a while he looks at teen porn. He says they're over 18 and says I'm overreacting. Am I overreacting or is he a sick man?? Is he with me because maybe I look like a girl??...I don't have a problem w/him looking at porn just teen porn that bothers husband is a great man...(hard working, always home, doesn't do drugs, doesn't go out drinking,always helping out w/chores and cars) but I don't know if I should be worried??
Let's see, you both look at porn, you say he's a great guy, and you have sex with him every day I'd say both of you are extremely lucky and live in a little paradise all of your own. Congratulations.
Books appropriate for an eighteen year old that hold my interest?
I want to read a book this summer that is interesting. To make it easier here is what I DON'T want: a story whose main theme is friendship and family. No thrillers or murder mysteries (had too many of those). Nothing Emily Bronte-ish. I want the protagonist to be a young person like maybe someone in their teens to someone in their mid twenties. Please no guydie characters like Harry Potter. No fantasy or sci fi. Nothing like Eragon. I dont really like series anymore. Here is some stuff I do like: Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky, Anything by Ayn Rand, Stuff by Dan Brown, Any type of Russian Literature, Anything BUT english/british literature, Girl With A Pearl Earring. I like books that are sort of dystopian but not obviously depressing. I am not into macabre and horror. More into stuff like philosophy, nihilism and nietzshce. I would like books that are appropriate for my age group but I dont mind mature subjects. I wanted to read "lolita" but i donno. So what do you suggest?
You may have already read it since you're into philosophy. It's really short though, so it won't really be a lasting summer read.
"The Stranger" by Albert Camus (existentialist). I read it around your age. Hope this helps.

I also see someone put running with scissors... that is good, but the sequel is even better "Dry." You don't even have to read the first to read it, or read them out of order. Both are very good.
I get nausea if I eat past 6pm it seems. What could be the cause?
Okay so I'm not pregnant. That's a fact. We can rule this out right now.
I have been diagnosed with acid reflux disease. I have family history of ulcers, problems with the pancreas, liver, guyneys. Liver because my grandpa drank quite a bit and my dad because he had hepatitis when he was a young teen I think. Kidneys, I believe my grandma just had guyney stones, and my dad, they just recently found some "sand" in his guyneys (sorry I'm translating this from Russian to English so please excuse me for incorrect terminology if there is any). I'm 18, and in the past about 7 days I've been taking prilosec because I think it may have been something like an ulcer opening in my stomach..that was my best guess..
I'm going to go to a doctor, don't worry about that, I just wanted to see if anyone has had something similar or if anyone has any suggestions as to what it could be?
any ideas are appreciated.
much thanks!
Does the Prilosec help?

Acid reflux is often associated with nausea, and one of the things they tell you is not to eat late at night. Acid reflux, or GERD, is often linked with ulcers too.

Your initial guess is mine as well.
Any young mommy's out there?
I'm sixteen and one week away from my due date. I'm looking for advice from other teen moms. Is there any baby gear that is good or baby names... I am russian and my fiancee is italian so we could do either. Thanks.
Well baby gear, can't think of any for newborns...

But get sleep when the baby sleeps and relax when you can. The first weeks were difficult for me. Names , i'm not good with those.
Oh and you can swaddle your baby when its night time. For me that worked so well, my baby slept like 5+ hours at one month and it started to increase.

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