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All Comments

Why are more and more young teenage girls becoming lesbos?
I'm female and admit expieremented but nothing like this is my girlfriend... even the thought of having sex with a girl intrigues me but just a fetish... anyways i knew ALOT of girls in highschool who were straight LESBIAN... girlfriends and all even manish... but one les i knew impaticular would have sex with boys when she was drunk which i always thought was funny... and another les i knew was the ultimate hoe then all of a sudden became lesbian at 18... i understand some people are born with this sexual preference and hey w/e floats your boat... but doesn't becoming gay because of your lack of love just end up fuqin you up more??? And why can't they realize this.... my friend is prob 19 20 now and she is nothing- i mean she is in college but her drive is gone she a pothead hanging out with others in the gay crowd... and like a lesbo pimp with multiple girlfriends... i mean i didn't turn out better i'm 19 preg but at least i still wana get my doctoral degree and am married...
due to the strict education they sometimes even dont know they are ame gender oriented, or trying to fight that knowledge, assuming it is something wrong/ because many are tought so/. i guess some of the teens you are talking about are just catching it as a trendy behaviour, and it does absolutely nothing in common with their actual prefference. it is just a form of protest against the society.
Why do some people say "LESBOS" like its not offensive...?
What do u think about this, me as a teenage lesbian find this highly offensive and disrespectful...
Yeah, it is pretty offensive and disrespectful....but the people who say it (in a derogatory way) don't care whom they are offending because they are ignorant and self centered.

At the same time, there are some lesbians out there who aren't offended by that term. Especially because that term is not always used derogatorily.

edit: I find the word offensive when it is used in a derogatory manner, by hatefull people...which it often is. I know plenty about Sappho and have read her writings, I am not ashamed of anything. The word offends me when used in certain ways, just like homo offends me when used as a term aimed at belittling others.
I NEED HELP! PLEASE! (Teen issue) All opinions?
Thank you for taking your time to read this... this question is too long to be typed up there. So here it goes... I'm currently a teenage girl, but is a confused and a naive one. In highschool, us teenage girls go through a lot. Emotional stages, peer pressure, menstrual period, and so on and so forth. I don't know how to say this... but I'm starting to get through that age were we want to have a gender of the opposite sex. By our sides. But at the same time, I don't. Mostly because I know the consequences, and "what can happen if your not careful" also i'm not mature enough for it. I want to get high educational standards first, and then get my career, and travel. But I don't want to be left out on that too. I want to wait until I'm 22. Or at least 25. I don't know yet, and like.... my parents tell me that is the right time too. A lot of my classmates already have boyfriends, and they're trying to antagonize me into having one too. I tell them that I don't.... and they think so otherwise. (Meaning lesbos) I also don't like dressing up, all the time or wearing make up or cute things. Im more of a down to earth kind of girl, when it comes to fashion. I adore and love books, and studying.... but everyone is the opposite. They party, hang out with friends, and do what a teenager should do on their free time. Which they think is normal, but the parents don't. I'm a chatterbox, and I like to expose and converse myself with others. Of course, don't get me wrong. I have a life, I'm in clubs and soon to be in the NHS. Including honors. Drivers ed, and so on and so forth. Tennis, too. But the mere thought of boyfriends kill me. Because the majority of them, in high school expect girls to be the exact opposite of what I am in high school. What should I do? Please help....... I'm very confused on what side I should stick too. I spend more time, with my family then I do with friends...but that's where people underestimate me.
You're unique, and in a good way. Stay the way you are, don't try to make yourself something you're not. You sound a lot like my best friend, I always found her unusual in certain ways because she was much more driven to study and do homework than anyone I had every come across. It is good that you have motivation to do all of these things, and it is also great that you spend time with your family. I think of it this way... in your life, who is always going to be by your side? Your family. Friends come and go. So don't worry about it. Especially in high school. As for the boyfriend thing, I wouldn't worry about that either. You don't need to have a boyfriend, you don't need to party. Partying is the typical teenage thing to do and just because everyone does it doesn't mean it is right. You're out of the norm, you will learn to love that about yourself once you realize what sets you apart from everyone else.

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