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Can you get breast cancer from pinching your nipples?
My boyfriend just told me that I shouldn't pinch my nipples because I could get cancer from it. I want to know whether he's lying or not.
Also, my breasts really really hurt. Also, the part that carries the milk from the ducts is really skinny now... I'm worried. Really worried. Please Help.

Don't be worried. There is no link between pinching nipples and breast cancer.
Breast cancer doesn't really have a cause yet, but is most likely hereditary. If you are scared go to the doctor to get an examination to be sure.
But your boyfriend is wrong.

Friend keeps pinching my nipples in a joking/flirty way! ways on how to get her back?
this girl in my school that im friends with keeps pinching my nipples in a flirty/joking way.what can i do back to her that wont hurt her but with be joking/flirty. (besides tickling).
do not frikin touch hers ahahahha, grab her hands or something lol
Why do strippers like to bite or pinch a man's nipples?
I've been to three different strip clubs within a year. A stripper in each of these clubs has bitten and pinch my nipples. What's the deal ladies? Does biting or pinching a man's nipple turn you on, is it a stripper thing or do you do it just because you do it? Do ordinary women think of doing this too?
A stripper is paid to be your fantasy partner. The better she does that the more she can earn for an evenings work. There are limitations that vary by club as to what is and isn't allowed. If a girl want to work again she follows the rules. Some get turned on by the work and for others it's just a job. Probably about a third or maybe half have familys to support and practically all have a husband or BF or GF.
Why does pinching ur nipples make them hard?
this is something i need to know
CUZ your horny man
Pinching nipples and slapping butts?
Is it true that in casual guy settings such as locker rooms and high schools, it's normal for guys to slap other guys asses, and pinch their man nipples as a joke? I personally find it highly obnoxious and inappropriate. Am I being a prude whose opposing social norm, or does anyone else agree? And what would you do if someone did this to you as a joke, do it back, and tell them to ***** off?

I know it's ostensibly done as a joke, but I get the feeling that underneath the joke there's an attempt ot exert social dominance, or embarass. Sort of like how some jackasses insult others ad nauseum to exert social dominance, all in the guise of a joke.
Joke or not if someone touches your body in a way you don't want, YOU TELL THEM TO STOP!!! If they don't listen, they are the jackass and by all means, tell them to **** off. And you are right about the social dominance stuff.
Am 8 days late, feeling bloated, and i have a little pinching sensation on my nipples.?
I have also been going to the bathroom more freaquent and a little nausea. I took 2 preg test both Beg, could I still be pregnant????
have a blood test a Dr's or family planing clinic
are you stressed at all?
if u cant get to the drs take another test in a few days but you do have symptoms

best wishes
Is it true that nipples will disappear/become inverted if pinched for too long?
i like pinching my nipples with clothes pegs. But my boyfriend told me that if i keep the pegs on for too long, my nipples will disappear/become inverted. is it true?
or is he just joking?
serious answers please!
btw, i'm 22 and he's 32.
I think he is pulling your nipple I mean leg.
Pregnant? Pinching nipples during sex (even though they hurt)>>>>> What are/ where your symptoms 4-5 weeks pg?
I Just feel like im pregnant super sore breast. Headache off and on. whiffs of hunger and stuffy nose. This is how it was before when i found out... but for some reason ( and i know TMI) during sex 2nite i wanted my bf to squeeze my nipples Even though they hurt like hell. Is that a little crazy? I don't know what i was thinkin now hes sleep and breast are killing me now.... I wanna know what symptoms did you have 4-5 weeks of pregnancy?
my symptom was extremely sore boobs and when i would touch them they would be hard. and of course a missed period.

and i would feel like my period was coming but it wasn't.
Does pinching nipples cause cancer?
my grilfriend really likes it but is worried it may cause cancer
AHAHAHAHAHA!! weird question I've seen on ask yahoo.
Does it feel good when you pinch your nipples?
I'm a guy and it feels good and it hurts at the same time when I pinch my nipples. Does it feel good for you?
hellz yes!---hurts a lil but feels so good!

feels even better if somebody else is playing with them!

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