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How can I stop Getting these bad magazines??
I didn't order them but all of a sudden I started getting these stupid magazines for older women lingerie . ANd i didnt not order them or ever heard of their websites . I think someone who ahtes me or one of my friends who wanted to prank me sent me these. I want them to stop coming. How do i do that without calling cause my parents? i've been hiding them from them. I havent looked at them ,

This is soo annoying why do people have to be soo imature.
By the way the one i got today was from Lovers Lane
and the otehr one was from somewhere else i trashed it already.

Please someone help!!!!!!!!!! I'm only 14 years old and i ahte coming home from work and feeling nevrous that my parents may have seen them. I dint know order them ive never even heard of those stores. =(

Thanks in advance
You put them back in the mail marked "Not at this address".

While shopping for some seamed, black, thigh-high stockings in lingerie a 90 year old woman approached me to?
ask me if a garter would hold up her loose and sagging skin. Was it rude of me to blow junks right there between the demi's and the pushups?

Poll: Demi cup or push up?
Your story started off great then went downhill with the old lady.
Where can I find sexy lingerie thats affordable?
I cant do online ordering like Victoria's Secret stuff, and they don'tt have that much fun, sexy, flirty stuff in the store, its either for young teens, or older women, nothing inbetween. I tried finding a Priscilla's website so I can check out what they have before I go to the store, but there isnt one and its kind of a drive. . is there sexy stuff at any department stores or anything else that someone knows about? thanks!
Hi---I have been buying my sexy dresses and lingerie at Sexy Clothes Cafe. As I said on other posts my BF even buys there because of prices and real sexy. I hope this will help you. Good luck. Jimmie www.sexy-clothes-cafe.com/sexylin…
What to do at a lingerie shower?
I am planning a lingerie shower for my best friend. There will be some older women there as well as the brides mom and future mother-in-law. What are some games that we can do that are not too naughty?
Try this website:


Lingerie parties are fun, and can easily be done tastefully. Your games don't have to focus on sex or anything raunchy. Just have fun and enjoy being women!
Why are some women morally reluctant to wear lingerie in public which is perfectly normal to do?
I am so bemused at my roommates who not only do not go in lingerie to the bathroom but disapprove of me going saying that there are guys out there who can see me. This is the 21st century and we are not supposed to care about things like decency and exposing ourselves anymore. I am a 21 year old modern woman who should not be forced by anti-feminists to cover up because I am walking among guys. Why do my roommates not want to go to the bathroom in a bra and underwear which is much easier to do because they simply can get up and go to the stall and change without having to undress and dress a second time?

You might respond to this and disapprove but be careful you are not a hypocrite yourself. Women today wear even less than a bra and underwear in other occasions where they expose themselves much more to guys. Bikinis on the beach and during volleyball is an example. A bikini covers less than lingerie and I know because I only wear string bikinis and even go topless in places like Europe where I comfortably play volleyball in my bikini bottom WITH other guys around. There is nothing wrong with wearing little and women should feel perfectly fine doing it (wearing lingerie or going topless) in parks, jogging, or just outside to enjoy the day. On dress up day at my college I was so repulsed by the repulsion of others to my wearing a bikini bottom and nipple pasties just trying to show my own creativity. I bet most of you will agree with me but the only ones who are allowed to disagreed are women WHO DO NOT WEAR bikinis. Do not be hypocritical because you are just laughable if you are.
You may be a modern woman, but the guys who can see you are still cave men at heart. I don't disapprove of it on moral grounds; I simply think it's very unwise to do so. A guy who sees you in your underwear is a guy who may potentially think you've extended an invitation that you haven't. While "no" should mean "no," (and legally speaking it DOES), wandering around in your undies is asking for trouble.

Be careful; you're treading on dangerous ground, whether it SHOULD be that way or not.
Lingerie style for an A-cup?
What is the best lingerie type for us flat skinny women ?

I mean they look great on those "implanted" models in catalogs and stuff but when it comes to a real natural skinny small ( A-cup) body like mine .. what looks good on my type ?

And NO i'm not a guy .. i'm an early 20s year old woman so my growth has pretty much stopped at cup A :)

I dont wanna change my body .. i like my body .. but im realistic , i just believe that not all lingerie look good on it .. so ..
Any ideas ?

Get something like a nice basque with an A cup or no cups with some seethrough materials and it shouls look hot. Match it with suspenders and a thong of same colour
Whats the best type of lingerie for a woman (21 yr old) who is………?
6’ tall, full bust, small waist, and curvy hips? (the figure eight look)

Like what would look best on her?

My best friend is getting married and we (the bridal party girls) decided to get her some lingerie for her honeymoon, problem is…we’re not sure what style to get her. We know what would look good her…but what do guys like in lingerie, after all this is also a gift for her groom too.

Thanks for the help!
I would go with a corset/lace top of some kind and then panties to match. All in the same color, maybe white, or something that matches her dress, if she is not wearing white. Corsets and tops that look like corsets are very flattering on curvy bodies. The panties, I would not go with a thong - a "hot pants" style is more attractive on curvier bodies.

Some ideas:
www.yandy.com/bustier-&-thong.php (my personal favorite top)
www.yandy.com/lace-boyshort-8114p.php (the top above paired with something like this would be gorgeous)
www.lingeriediva.com/core/media/media.nl?id=41546&c=776793&h=9913f9e89f0e988b3cdc (these are beautiful)

Good luck !
I'm a 31yr old woman and serioulsy horny, will a 54 yr old man go to bed with me?
I'm 31 yr old female. A man at work is 54 and i find him a huge turn on. I think he is interested but i'm not sure. I'm in good shape for my age. I'm just out of an 8 yr relationship so i havent had sex for 6 weeks. I only have had 2 sexual partners, both longterm partners, i dont sleep around. However, i am seriously horny at the moment. When i am around this man at work, the flirting is serious. He is gorgous, total out doors type, gorgous looking and woman are crazy for him. But they are older woman 40+ at work. To be honest, i'm so turned on by him my breasts have grown a cup size, and i know this might be a little to much info but i'm having serious intimate moistness ..everyday. Its like i'm horny thinking of the guy and i'm masturbating twice an evening at the moment. I'm spending a fortune on sexy expensive lingerie to wear under my work dresses and i'm wearing horny stockings and suspenders daily and basically getting myself off on it thinking about this sexy sexy man. Hiim and i have to go on a work trip next week for two nights...is there any way i can start dating him....i'm really crazy for him. i know if i get with him we will f..k til we cannot f..k anymore. Sorry for this, but thats how i feel..i'm actually a decent human with a huge appetite!
38 yr. old woman parading around in her underware in front of my son and hers?
I realize that is a dramatic opening, but my 15 yr. old son stays with his friend almost every weekend. His friend also has a brother and sister close in age. I took my son with me to Macy's today and went into the lingerie, and told him to go on, and I'd find him when I was done. He said "I'm glad you aren't like Jakob's mom, she walks around the house in her panties and bra" I was like WTF? you mean when you are there?! He said she does it all the time. Not just when he is there. I told him to give me their number right then and I was calling her, and he was freaking out saying it would embarrass him if I called her. I really feel like I need to! What would make her think its okay to walk around in her underware in front of my hormonal guy? I told him from now on his friend can come to OUR house. He likes going over there, but now I wonder if that is why? What should I say to her?
I don't agree with the statement that a bikini is the same as under ware. I agree, that they are similar, but I would be pissed if some woman walked around in her under ware in front of my son, while in her house. People need to have manners, and rolling up in your panties around teen boys sleeping over is NOT okay. She is a hoe. Tell her whats up.

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