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Josh Bensan is a charismatic young man from Ohio, he likes dancing and his real love is theater

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What is a good place to meet swingers in the Kentucky/Ohio/West Virginia Tri-state area?
My husband and I are new to/considering swinging and/or developing a polygamous relationship, what is a good place to meet swingers in our area? (That is to say the KY/OH/WV tristate area)
craigs list, but i hope you own a gun.

you just asked this 5 minutes ago.
Can anyone help me find places to just be naked in the state of ohio nudist camps swinger clubs ext thank you?
looking to relax naked in the state of ohio nudist camps swingers clubs ext any help would be nice thank you love that free feeling
Your own home?
Where can we find swingers at?
Me and my wife are looking for another female in the wilmington area in ohio to fulfill a fantasy with and need a little help.
Your best bet to find other swingers is to join a swingers dating site, make a nice profile and then contact others you are interested in.
Where can I find another couple to join my husband and my self for some in the bedroom fun?
My husband and have been discussing this for a while. we want to add another couple even one time just to see how is goes. how can I get a hold of a couple that might want to join. We are in Ohio. Is there a club of some sort around here for swingers, new swingers?HELP!!!
Now that infant hour is over.......

You can try some of the swing sites, like swinglifestyle.com. My wife and I have never had much luck with online swing sites, but it's a good place to find clubs and parties. We always have fun at parties, and you can exchange information with other couples for private meets if you're not into more public play.

Will there be a shake-up this year in Red, Blue, and Purple states? Any new swingers?
Check out maps of previous presidential trends, current representation in Congress, and 2004:



John Kerry lost by 35 Electoral College votes. Each vote gained for one party is also lost by the other. So Dems would need to gain 18 Electoral College seats and keep all the ones they had.

The Senate and House maps give some indication of "openness" to Dems.

Iowa (7 EC votes) and New Mexico (5 EC votes) went for Bush in 2004, but went Dem 3 times in a row before that and have Dems in the Senate. (FL has only gone Dem once in 16 years and if the FL Gov is the GOP VP...).

Louisiana (9 EC votes) went for Bush in 2004 but that was before Hurricane Katrina. LA has gone half and half over the past 16 years, and has one Red senator, one Blue.

Are Florida and Ohio really the key states THIS YEAR? Could the Dakotas, Montana, Colorado, Georgia and NC come into play?
It is my secret hope that Obama wins the nomination and loses both Ohio and Florida in the process. I'm sick of stupid old Ohio and incompetent Florida deciding elections. Could we ever find a pair more dysfunctional? They could go 80% for one candidate and they'd still take until midnight at the earliest to sort out the winner.

New swing-states have certainly come into existence. In addition to what you've pointed out, Obama can put the following firmly into play: North Carolina(15), Virginia(13), South Carolina(8), Georgia(15), Texas!(34), South Dakota(3), and Montana(3). None of the states Kerry won, (even Pennsylvania) is vulnerable. Flipping Virginia alone changes the Kerry results to 264-263 in our favor...and, keep in mind, he's doing well in Ohio polls. We have too many paths to victory and too much money to fail.
Have any of you ever been to a Fetish party?
My boyfriend and I are going to a Fetish party tonight at the Metropolis night club in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a Fetish fashion show and a Organ Grinders Ball.
I have never done this before and am curious about what to expect.
Neither one of us are swingers or anything, we just want to check it out, and it gives me a reason to go totally goth!
OoooOo!! That sounds like fun
Hows this for online dating "who am I/what am I lookin for "?
Summing up who you are in 500 words or less. Sounds like an assignment I had once in middle school. But here I am. We both are. And there is nothing wrong with that (insert Jerry Sienfeld voice here). How can I not sound like im full of myself (im not) and still try and make you interested enough to find out what im like in person? Well, here goes...just gonna be honest. Quick, re-read that last statement. Yes, guys can be honest. Here I am. 36 (going to be 37 in October). Looks? You can judge from my picture. Its recent. Laid back when I need to be. Headstrong when I have to be. Been told i'm funny. Not in a 'I make fun of peoples inadequacies" kinda funny. Not in a 'im gonna try real hard to make it seem like i'm funny" kinda funny. Just funny. I like to talk. Re-read that bad boy again. Yes, a guy who likes to talk. I'm not a cryer who wants to have sharing sessions on the couch in front of the Lifetime movie of the week. But I can talk. The basics are these. Job(s) journalist, consultant, one time high school teacher and coach. But I dont think a job defines you. Not all teachers are 'huggers'. There is more that I have accomplished in my life to make me who I am without my job or my house doing it. Favorite movie? Swingers. Back up? All the Presidents Men. Favorite book? A Seperate Peace. Kinda middle school, but I loved it every time I taught it. Back up: Into the Wild. Favorite football team? Browns (im from Cleveland) Family? Mom, younger brother. Both in Ohio. Dog? Yes. Married? Never have been. I believe in marraige. Just with the right person. Do I have guys? No. I love and want guyren.
So who am I looking for? A Diane Court-kinda girl. Dont know who it is? Google it and find out. But thats not looks. I'm mature enough now to know its so much better when you are with a girl who just wants to hang out then someone who wants you to tell her how great she looks. I heard once that its the best kind of relationship when you fall in love with a really good friend. The girl I want has to be her own person. She can be quirky and different. Thats great. A girl who lets me treat her like I want to. And likes that because she likes the way I treat her. A girl who appreciates me without feeling "owned". Please dont smoke or do drugs. Want guys.
I'm not going to find this girl at a bar or a club. I know that. So here I am. You have to believe there are nice guys out there. I'm far from a pushover. I'm also not some guy that goes to strip clubs, drinks too much beer and never wants to commit.
Wow!! I'd definitely want to get to know you based on that!! Nicely done. Good luck!!

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