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What color should a natural redhead dye her hair?
I am a natural redhead. It is a deep orange color but it sorta changes daily lol. One day it could be really bright, next day it could be more blonde ANYWAYS...I wanna dye it. I have pale skin and green eyes. Its also long and curly. Any ideas? Thanks :P
i am also a pale green eyed redhead, and i think pale skin can pull off being black or blond
Im a natural redhead who wants to go close to completely blonde , should i do it?
i have dark eyes and a darker color of skin than a normal natural redhead i can tan it just takes maintenance. it goes away faster than most peoples tans.
No, people with red hair are very pretty.
Is there any scholarships for being a natural redhead?
I'm a senior in high school and i am looking for any kind of scholarship. i'm a natural redhead and i was wondering if there is any scholarships for being a natural redhead? Got any info on that? I'm also looking for different types of random scholarships. So if you have any info on how i can get my hands on these scholarships please help. Thanks
THere are usually hundreds of scholarships available, but I'm gonna guess none for redheads 8-)
Ask at the guidance office; they usually have a list of all the scholarships available.
Good luck...
Is there a scholarship for being a natural redhead?
i was wondering if anyone knew if there was a natural redhead scholarship? ive heard from some but most answers are mixed? PLEASE help. im a senior in high school and need some scholarships ASAP! and if you know of any websites please let me know. :) thank you so much!
Scholarships have been very helpful in getting students in college and assisting those in college with extra money. There are so many sources for scholarships available to students. Knowing what they are and how to qualify is important to help increase the chances of getting a scholarship award. These sources include websites with listings of available scholarships, libraries and the school guidance counselor at the student's high school. In addition, many charitable organizations such as church offer scholarships; as do groups such as alumni associations. The student should look into every possible option for financial help.
Natural redhead: What color should I dye my hair?
Like I said, I'm a natural redhead. I have fair skin like most redheads and blue/green eyes. I was thinking along the lines of a dark auburn but what else do you think would be good?
As a fellow redhead I can tell you from my own personal experience, red is best. There is a reason red is the hardest color to get out & the hardest color for non redheads to try to achieve. I've gone black & found I'm far too pale & it looks ghostly. I;ve gone blonde & found I look like that one hit wonder singer, Vitamin C, on crack. Browns just made me look like a burnt pop tart. If I were you I would consider some highlights instead. Maybe gold or caramel toned. If that doesn't sound good I can tell you I did go deep burgundy once & I didn't hate it... but I strongly suggest staying red. We are the rarest hair color out there, be proud of how unique & beautiful you are :D
Is it possible for a natural redhead to have brown eyes?
I was just wondering because Ill the redheads I have ever met have blue eyes like me or sometimes green but I never seen a natural one with brown eyes.
well genes are pretty random. each person has 2 alleles (types of gene) for each characteristic (eg. hair/eye colour) the ginger hair to be shown is from 2 recessive alleles and the browns eyes are because of teh mother/father passing on one of their dominant alleles (at least) for brown eyes

(brown eyes are dominant so always show even if you only get one, and i think ginger hair is recessive so needs two ginger hair allels to show)

so yes, it is perfectly possible.
Rayne from Bloodrayne is a natural redhead?
I don't think she's a natural redhead considering that natural red hair is more orangish/brown looking.
The original character design for Rayne had her with brown hair, although the subject is never really mentioned in the games. It is possible that her hair is that colour in relation to her vampire blood, I suppose.

Hope this helps!
How can i look like a natural redhead?
i have naturally medium brown hair, but i love red hair. how can i look like a natural redhead? do i have to dye my eyebrows a redish shade?
If you dyed it already and it is a wow factor red and duzn't look natural then wash it once w/laundry detergent. If that duzn't work then go get Really thin highlights of blonde(I hate red heads w/ blonde highlights but this looks like a real natural redhead and doesn't look like you got highlights. I had naturally blonde hair and went to a dramatic red and I LOVE it but at first I had the same problem and the laundry detergent worked but don't dye your eyebrows ever. Go to Wal-Mart or Walgreens and get an auburn eyebrow pencil and it is just as good and also looks natural.GOOD LUCK!
How can i get a natural redhead look?
lots of my friends have their head dyed red but it looks like purple or something else. i want to dye mine red but i want it to look lindsay lohans red hair.any color shades you recomend? something i can do to make it look natural?
You can also try henna... It is a natural vegetable coloring substance, which you mix with water and is non permanent. It is very gentle to your hair and will give you a very natural shade over your natural color. I have used red henna, Natural Instincts and Casting (which, BTW, I haven't seen anymore in the stores) over my light brown hair, and it looks very natural.
What hair dye color is best on a natural redhead with very pale skin?
I've got naturally dark red hair with very pale skin and freckles. I've done blonde (turned out horrendous!) and a dark purpley fuschia. I'm thinking about going with a more vibrant red than my natural color. Any suggestions for brands or specific colors?
I am in the same boat, and have experimented with so many colors at this point. You may be surprised, but I went dark brown, and people loved it. I have green eyes, and it really brought them out. The best advice I can give you on the subject is...Stay away from drug store boxed hair colors! Go to your local beauty supply store, and make sure you choose a color with a base level of green if you want to stay true to the color on the bottle, and if you don't want to commit, use a semi-permanent. If you decide to go with red, I would recommend that you see a stylist since it is really hard to dye your hair red, and have it look natural...nothing worse than Ronald McDonald syndrome! Good luck!

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