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Natural Blonde?
Do you think this is natural blonde hair?ā€¦
yes, the eyebrows are the same color and do not look bleached, and i can't see any roots or signs of dye on the skin.
Natural blonde!?
"Miss Jones, we can`t employ you as a model," the editor from the men`s magazine explained. "It`s too obvious that your blonde hair isn`t natural, since the hair between your legs is black."
The model picked up a paperweight and slammed it down on the editor`s fingers.
"What the hell did you do that for!" he exploded.
She smiled sweetly and said, "Look at your fingers. They`re turning black, right? And they`ve only been banged once."

I U like It, Give a Star.
Good point by the blonde. The bush could be darker for all sorts of reasons. But since she had the gumption to slam on the editor's finger, too smart to be a real that redhead! LOL!
How can I get my natural blonde hair color back?
I am a natural blonde but have dyed my hair brown several times and has had no trouble in getting it back blonde until now. In the past week I have dyed my hair 3 times with 3 different blonde shades but all I am getting is a bleachy golden blonde. What can I do? I hate the color!
I would go to a professional hair dresser before you completely destroy your hair.
What is the best shampoo for a natural blonde with natural highlites? Anyone have any ideas?
I am a natural blonde, and have natural multi-colored highlites. I am wondering if anyone knows of any innexpensive shampoos and conditioners which will bring out my highlites and keep my hair really soft and shiny. Any thoughts? I have tried both Suave 'Blonde' shampoo, and a little of Pantene's 'Blonde' shampoo. Are those good, of is there something much better? Please give me ideas. Thank you! <3
actually, basically all shampoos are the same. even if it says "silk for blondes!" it doesn't do anything differently. just buy regular shampoo
How can natural blondes make their hair more blonde?
I have ash blonde hair with white blonde natural highlights. What can you do to make it more blonde with out dying it?
lemon juice or you can dye it lighter.
Im a natural blonde who dyed my hair dark brunette, can I go back blonde again?
I had my hair profesionally dyed dark brunnete over christmas, I love it and my hair took to it really well (being a natural blonde), but I would quite like to be blonde again for the summer.
Is this possible to do without going green etc? And I'd like to go a natural blonde not a bleach bright blonde. Thanks for any suggestions!
You will have to go to your salon and get them to strip out the dye and this will usually be done with bleach. Then they will re - tint your hair to the shade of blonde of your choice from a colour chart.
The other alternative, and I have done this for clients many times, is to have your hair highlighted and low lighted all over which blends in your roots and looks natural.
How do I get natural blonde highlights?
I have dirty blonde hair with a few natural highlights in it. Here in Georgia, it is freezing cold with no sun right now and I was planning to get them during spring break? I will still be here, and I don't know how much sun there will be. So is there anyway to lighten/highlight hair WITHOUT sun? And I would like to keep it as natural as possible. Thanks :)

PS. I heard somewhere that you can go to a salon and they will used soft bleach and give you light highlights without damage. Is that true?
I've heard you can use lemon in your hair but I'm not 100% sure on how that works.
Why is natural blonde hair darker at the roots?
I am not talking about fake blonde hair. If you are a natural blonde or know a natural blonde, you'll see that a lot of times, the blonde is darker at the roots. Why?
All hair is darker at the roots because of lack of sun exposure. You just notice it with blondes more because it makes more of a contrast with blonde hair being so light.
How do I get my hair to a darkish natural blonde?
The other day I bleached my darkish brown hair that had faded purple hair dye in it and it turned into a very gingery blonde white white blonde roots. Some parts of it is a gingery colour and other bit are yellowy or a really white blonde.

How can I get my hair to a natural darkish blonde hair?
How do I get my dyed ultra light blonde hair back to a natural blonde shade?
Okay, so I am naturally blonde, but as I got older, my hair faded to a darker blonde. I then dyed my hair and it is now very light blonde. I would like to get it back to a natural colour blonde, such as nicole richie's or reese witherspoon's. Is hairdresser's dye the only option? I have always dyed my hair myself before...
yes unfortunatly this is one of those real situations where going professional is the best option. The things is, it could come out too dark and then lightening it would be difficult and damaging. But more likely, itll be missing some of those "natural" pigments and the color will be blah or uneven from root to tip.

Id go to a redken salon and make sure they dont wanna charge you more than 40-65$ is corrective color but any good hairstylist will find it easy and its only using a bottle or two of color.

option#2 is go to sallys beauty and ask them. Make sure they reccomend a "nuetral" shade. You might have to mix a nuetral and another shade, but as long as nuetral is in the mix it wont come out TOO far off from natural.

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