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i wanna become a male model can someone send me links or help me
Go on google and search for modeling agencies in your area... It's really not that hard to find out...
Which male Latin actors have the best feet (for promotional campaign)?
We are a small company promoting a line of affordable spa treatment products geared towards the Latin community and are looking to hire a "name" male personality for an ad campaign (20s-30s age range). Any suggestions or photo links would be appreciated.
Tony Laranza. He is supposed to have great feet.
Can anyone link me to a good video of a male teen being tickled on his feet?
its kind of something that facinates me... could you help? :)
omigod I read "teen being fuсked on his feet" =D =D =D
Is it true about the link between big feet and the size of other parts of the male anatomy?
I don't go looking at other guys see.....

oh and I am a size 15 (us) and a size 14(uk)
I think it's more of a myth than anything. Not saying that it couldn't happen, because I'm sure it has. I actually have seen proof of it... but, I still think it's just a saying.
A Heterozygous brown hair medium nose width normal male marries redhead wit wide feet and a colorblind carrier
What is the punnet square?

Brown hair is dominant to red hair.
wide and narrow nose is codominant producing medium width.
colorblindness is sex linked

(Question Again = A heterozygous brown hair, medium nose width, normal male marries a redhead, with wide feet and a carrier for colorblindness,

State the:
genotype of each of the parents
alleles derived from each genotype
punnent square
genotype and phenotype ratio of the F1
Call B = brown hair and b = red hair.
Call N = wide nose and n = narrow nose.
Call X = colorblindness and x = non-colorblindness.

Heterozygous brown hair: Bb
Medium nose width: Nn
Non-colorblind male: xy
Genotype of father: BbNnxy

Red hair: bb
Wide nose [feet? you mean nose, right?]: NN
Female carrier of colorblindness: Xx
Genotype of mother: bbNNXx

Possible combinations of the father's alleles:
BNx, BNy, Bnx, Bny, bNx, bNy, bnx, bny

Possible combinations of the mother's alleles:
bNX, bNx, bNX, bNx, bNX, bNx, bNX, bNx

Punnet square [copy and paste into notepad and use fixed-width font to read this]:
BbNnXx BbNnxx BbNnXx BbNnxx BbNnXx BbNnxx BbNnXx BbNnxx
BbNnXy BbNnxy BbNnXy BbNnxy BbNnXy BbNnxy BbNnXy BbNnxy
bbNNXx bbNNxx bbNNXx bbNNxx bbNNXx bbNNxx bbNNXx bbNNxx
bbNNXy bbNNxy bbNNXy bbNNxy bbNNXy bbNNxy bbNNXy bbNNxy
bbNnXx bbNnxx bbNnXx bbNnxx bbNnXx bbNnxx bbNnXx bbNnxx
bbNnXy bbNnxy bbNnXy bbNnxy bbNnXy bbNnxy bbNnXy bbNnxy

Possible outcomes, in equal probabilities:
BbNNXx - heterozygous brown, wide, female carrier
BbNNxx - heterozygous brown, wide, normal female
BbNNXy - heterozygous brown, wide, colorblind male
BbNNxy - heterozygous brown, wide, normal male
BbNnXx - heterozygous brown, medium, female carrier
BbNnxx - heterozygous brown, medium, normal female
BbNnXy - heterozygous brown, medium, colorblind male
BbNnxy - heterozygous brown, medium, normal male
bbNNXx - red, wide, female carrier
bbNNxx - red, wide, normal female
bbNNXy - red, wide, colorblind male
bbNNxy - red, wide, normal male
bbNnXx - red, medium, female carrier
bbNnxx - red, medium, normal female
bbNnXy - red, medium, colorblind male
bbNnxy - red, medium, normal male

As you can see:

50% brown hair [all heteroyzgous], 50% red hair
Phenotype ratios: 50% brown, 50% red
Genotype ratios: 50% Bb, 50% bb

50% wide nose, 50% medium nose
Phenotype ratios: 50% wide, 50% medium
Genotype ratios: 50% NN, 50% Nn

25% female carriers of colorblindness, 25% normal females, 25% colorblind males, 25% normal males
Phenotype ratios: 25% colorblind male, 25% normal male, 50% female
Genotype ratios: 25% Xx, 25% xx, 25% Xy, 25% xy
I'm 17, 6 feet tall. A Male What is the average weight?
Provide a link................If you can…
on this page you enter your height, weight, and age/sex and it tells you your Body Mass Index and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page it tells you how you rank with average weights of others in your age/height range.
I am a 51 yrs old male.I am having real sharp pain in my feet.I want to switch my shoes.what do you suggest?
I am a 51 yrs old male.I am having real sharp pain in my feet.I want to switch my shoes.what kind of shoes and name brands do you suggest?If possible can you please post a link too so I would know for sure because I don't want to waste my money by buying some shoes that is not good for me.Thank you.
Have you checked it's not gout?
Male trample male, or Maple trample Female?
can you guys post links of videos where there are Male trampeling other males or males trampling females.

Also post videos of males dominating people with there feet.

or males "force foot/sock/shoe sniffing other males or females.

Yea i have a foot fetish lol.. please i really want to watch thiese videos.

Thank you!
Um, yeah, try google
My son has a nine are ten month old male akita and he keeps getting out of?
the yard by digging under the fence and now he has jumped over the fence on the other side. He has a nice big back yard all fenced in but the fence is not that big its only about four feet tall a standard chain link fence. He wants to put in a electric fence to keep his dog in. Do you think that would be safe for the dog the dog wont come to them to come in they always have to chase him. thanks alot
all dogs need training, socialization, exercise, grooming and vet care.
needs supervision when outside.
an electric fence inside of fence may keep off fence, may not
raise the dog inside and you will have a better dog, instead of banishing to yard.

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