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Do you think mariah carey and paula abdul ought to do a lesbian scene together?
do you think mariah carey and paula abdul ought to do a completely nude lesbian scene together in a movie? and who here would watch it? if it has mariah carey completely nude i'll admit i'd watch it.
that would not be a pretty sight to be honest. Nothing more to say about that!
Does anyone else hate the lesbian scene?
I find the lesbians there just so damn cliquey and bitchy. It's like they keep tabs on everyone but they never acknowledge your presence. How on earth am I going to find a girlfriend when I can't relate to the scene people?
you dont have to fit in with any stereotype Cathy.
you are your own person and you need to find someone who suits YOU not the scene.
theres women out there just like you who are pretty, friendly and nice to other people, just keep your eyes and your heart open.
good luck sweetie.xx
What is the lesbian scene like?
The only exposure I've had to the "lesbian scene" is what I've seen on tv, and it seemed very catty, superficial and bitchy. Would you say that this is accurate?
No way. It's usually loving, of course it gets sexual, protective, and a warm embrace. ♀♀ Hope this helps! : )

(but honestly we have the wierdest games we make up ourselves... oh and they also contain bisexuals)
Is there a lesbian sex scene in the book The Color Purple?
I haven't read this book in years. I remember lesbian undercurrents, but not an actual sex scene.
Thanks for answering.
No, there isn't. Not an actual sex scene, though much is hinted at regarding rape, abuse, and salvation in forms unexpected.
Where is a good lesbian scene in melbourne?
hey i was just wondering if melbourne has a decent lesbian scene, and if there are certain suburbs where it is stronger, or good clubs to go to?
Fitzroy, Northcote and Thornbury have a higher concentration of lesbians than other suburbs. South Yarra and Prahran are stronger with the male gay scene. Check out MCV (Melbourne Community Voice) - a newspaper which has lots of information about what's on in the gay scene in Melbourne.
Lesbian scene in Boston for 20 year olds?
I live in England and am probably going to a wedding in Boston this summer. That'll take up a day or two and I want to spend the rest of my time there just enjoying the city. Don't really wanna do the touristy stuff; I did that last time I was there. I'd love to experience the lesbian scene over there and meet new people and stuff.

Where would you recommend going? I'm 20 so I'm not sure how strict places are about being 21?
i liv at the other end of the state an am 15 so dont kno any places in Boston. try the internet under lesbian places for boston.
Is it weird that the lesbian kissing scene in Jennifer's Body turned me on?
I'm straight, but i got turned on by the lesbian kiss scene with megan fox. And the straight kiss scenes in the movie did nothing for me. Is this weird?
no it turned me on too but im a guy
Does Kristen Stewart have a lesbian scene in The Runaways?
a friend told me that there's a lesbian scene in that movie, but i think she might just be messing with me cause she knows I have a huuuuge crush on Kristen Stewart. is it really true???
Yep she makes out with Dakota Fanning in a hotel room.
They end up "doing it" but you don't see that.
Where can I watch the lesbian scene from Chloe?
I'm curious to see what happens so can anyone send me a link to the scene? If anyone does, thanks so much!
yes you can watch it here

Would going to a girl-bar be a good way to start out on the lesbian scene?
For someone who has just realized their attraction to girls, would it be a good idea to go to a girl bar to meet women?
Usually everyone is friendly and up for meeting new people. Once you meet a few people they will introduce you to others and soon you'll know the whole lesbian scene. Everyone knows eachother.
Have fun. :)

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