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How should I approach having lesbian sex with a girl bigger than myself?
I'm 16 and have had an amazing relationship with a girl for about five months now, she's ready to have sex, but she's about five inches taller than me and doesn't lack in muscle. I'm used to being the 'guy', so I'm not entirely sure what to do when being topped. I'm about 5 '8" and athletic in build. Anyone know any good sex positions for this pairing?
Lol my last ex was 5 ft and I'm 5'6 and I'm
'The girl'. Its really not any different at all.
Just pretend there's nothing different because
There really isn't.

Btw. Your really interesting :)
I'm having second thoughts about a lesbian sex party, somehing about it seems so unsexy. What to do?
I'm looking for people who have had one to tell me that it is or isn't worth it, and for people to tell me their opinion on what I should do and how.
I'll be there!! lol But for real, just go and if you don't like it you can leave.
What's better, having lesbian sex or straight sex?
My whole life ive thought i was gay, but i think i might be a tiny bit bi, only bcos i like this ONE guy and now i really wanna have sex with him but i still really wanna have sex with a girl..

Which is better in your opinion?
(Preferably girls answers only)
Sex with a girl, as they know more about how to please a girl. This will vary from person to person, however, as there are plenty of girls who have no idea and plenty of guys who do. Have sex with whoever you want; you can even have sex with both of them.
I walked in on my gf having lesbian sex?
I went to my girlfriend house today and I walked on her and her best friend having lesbian sex. they were both in 69 position and eating each other out. how do i deal with this problem?
You dump her. She cheated on you ffs. Why the hell would you want to be in a relationship with her? She likes to eat muff.
I am having this sleepover on friday and I am desperate to try lesbian sex how do i ask her?
My friend and I are both straight but I just want to try it! How do I ask her and what if she thinks I am a freak? I have nobody else to try it with! HELP!
Are you really good friends? If not, it may not go so well with asking her. If she is totally grossed out by your question, it may strain your friendship together (if you are not really, really close.)

I had this friend who was 'bi-curious.' She and I were going to experiment one night (back in middle school,) but that never ended up happening. Now, even though I have never experimented before, I know that I like girls. So, if you are simply 'bi-curious,' just know that as time passes, you will begin to realize your sexual preference on your own. No experience required.

But, the best thing to do before asking her about this, is ask her vague questions about lesbians or gays, and see how she reacts. If she seems totally okay with it and accepts homosexuality, probe a little deeper. Ask her if she's ever considered a girl before, or if she has ever seen a girl that she thought was very pretty and not just in a 'straight' way. But, if she say something like "Eww... gross!" or "Gays are totally sick..."
then that would be that. If she has a bad attitude against gays, then you should not ask her to consider this.

Think this over. If you think it may affect your friendship afterwards, if it does end up happening, consider how you two will feel afterwards. You may become very awkward together after having sex with eachother. Becuase that's what it is. You would be having sex with your friend. So, think about how that would emotionally affect you both.

Good luck. If you have any further questions about this, you are very welcome to email me. I would be pleased to help.
Does having a purity ring, and having Lesbian sex wrong?
I was just wondering, if you have a purity ring, and having sex with another women bad if you have the ring? And no this doesn't refer to me.
It goes against what the purity ring means, yes.
As far as I understand it purity rings mean you won't have sex until marriage. I'm sure most lesbians will tell you that what we do is considered sex. So if the girl with the ring is not married, it goes against what she's wearing the ring for.
Is it normal to dream about having lesbian sex?
(I am a girl) I'm totally straight but I have really sexy dreams about girls. Like the last dream I had was that me and my friend were taking a shower together and....You get what happened...I've only had 2 dreams about sleeping with guys before and I am just wondering if it's just normal to dream about such things? Thanks~
oh yes, i remember once having this dream about this amazing hot lady in black stockings and suspenders kissing me on the sofa of her apartment and rubbing between my legs, when i woke up i was coming, it was great, my own hands were there but wow! what a dream!
Having lesbian sex with a male room mate in the same room?
would you have sex with your girlfriend in the same room as your male room mate was in (even if you or your girlfriend was to use a strap on) regardless if he was sleeping, watching tv, or even partly watching you 2?
Absolutely not..

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