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Could the human species have split into many other species if there was no interracial breeding?
Like lets say there was only inbreeding among particular races like the anglo saxons, and the african races and the indian races, if they would have kept inbreeding for another 10,000 years, would there have been 3-4 different human species? unlike now where there is only 1 human species ?
Not in another 10,000 years, but in another several hundred thousand years yes absolutely.

Africans and Native Americans were separated 40,000-50,000 years ago and they can still reproduce with one another and are definitely the same species.

There are still enough people out there in genetically isolated conditions that someday in the distant future there could be more than one species of human. As a matter of fact, it's almost inevitable. Whenever a species has been very successful and gets to a point where it is virtually unchecked, it diverges into multiple species. Now of course this won't happen any time soon, but in another 500,000 years maybe it will.
I ooppose interracial breeding. Does anybody else? Am I racist because i hold this view?
I do not consider myself racist, but others who have heard my stance on interracial breeding say that it is racist to believe such a thing. Is it? I don't think one race is better than any other, and I treat every the same in terms of how I act towards them. The only issue I have is on interracial breeding. I have no problem with gay marriage (only gay adoption of guyren) so long as it is outside my church (Roman Catholic). I have no problem with interracial marriage so long as the marriage does not produce guyren. I hold this view on interracial breeding for anthropological reasons and not for racist reasons. I want to preserve each race as they are. I like seeing whites, blacks, asians, hispanics, etc. I think seeing people of all ethnic groups and races is pretty cool. Having a world of one blended race doesn't sound good to me. Nonetheless am I racist for not approving or believing in interracial breeding/guyren (not marriage amongst two races itself).
Besides being a racist, you're also ignorant.
Do You Think If Us Humans Start Breeding Interracial or mixed people it might stop racism?
In my opinion if you are mixed its very hard to make a offensive racist insult to them
No. I dont think so because if you remember, when Chirstopher Columbus came to the Americas and the white men mixed with the Aztecs, the guyren were discriminated and called names like "mixed blood". But Eventually when White people become a minority or before that, racism will be dead as we know it, but humans will always find a way to be racist and stupid and etc.
Doesn't interracial breeding diminish diversity?
I hear liberals always say how great diversity is (which I agree that it is). Often times the liberals encourage interracial breeding. Don't they know that if two people that are not of the race mix, that their genes will never be unique. The two people have basically wiped at least one person of their same race off the globe. Now imagine if everyone in the world mixed. We would all look the same. There is no more diversity.

Doesn't interracial breeding diminish diversity?
Yes it does. I don't know why people get mad at me for saying this. That's why so many blonds and redheads are declining. Everyone will be coppertoned in the future, with curly dry hair, and brown eyes. That doesn't sound like diversity to me.

If you look at Halle Berry and Barack Obama, they really don't look that much different.
Could interracial breeding be considered genetic pollution (to BOTH races involved)?
Just wondering. And please leave your heart and your conscience aside on this one.
Humans aren't purebred animals,dear. Races aren't different breeds. Humans aren't selectively bred & culled to conform to a written breed standard.
Do you think interracial breeding is immoral?
and against the bible?
For your sake, lets just say that it is, so that way you will stay away from the black race. We wouldn't want your ignornat genes muddled into ours.
Does the state practice arranged marriages and try to promote interracial breeding?
Mass immigration, affirmative action, multiculturalism,
From reading your other question, I think I understand what you are asking. I do think the government has influence over who people date/marry by exposing us to different cultures and races in our country, in the media, and in society, but as I still believe that people ultimately are responsible for making their own choices. If you are asking if the state is trying to get everyone to be comfortable enough to race mix with each other to make us all a big melting pot, sure, I'll agree with that, but I don't necessarily disprove of it. The people who do not want to do it, won't do it.
Do you think that interracial breeding is a threat?
*obv not my opinion, i am just curious to see other peoples answers. No bias on me asking this question, its just curiosty*
No, interracial "breeding" is not a threat it is a turn in the right direction for this country. It makes for healthier, stronger progeny.
What do you people think about interracial breeding?
I think it's sick. How the hell can you love diversity and be pro-interracial? Interracial breeding is pretty much blending of other races therefore less diversity. Funny how people who love diversity want to all mix together.

And no mixed does not equal diversity. Just less diversity.
Pretty soon there will be no caucasions, african americans, asians, mexicans, or hispanics. Our society will just become full of mixed breeds instead. I am not for this at all. I am proud of my heritage and want to pass that on to my offspring. If the mixed breeding continues noone in this country will be sure where their ancestors came from or what their heritage is.

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