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I would like to know sites that show real girls (not fakes) nude web cam in real time!
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Hot mail question re web cam/msn and usage?
need to set up an hot mail account? I have been told i need to do this in order to use instant messaging and to use my web cam with another user on msm.on windows live messenger set up it doesnt say anything about being able to use a web cam with it?
most importantly can i still use my e-mail address that i have with BT or will the hot mail address overide this?

Yes you do need a windows live ID to be able to use Windows Live (MSN) Messenger. When you sign up for a Windows Live ID you also get a free Windows Live Hotmail account, which weather you use is up to you. You are free to you as many email services as you like on your computer so your BT account will remain available to use.

Yes windows Live Messenger does support webcams, and setting up is easy...
i found this handy tutorial of how to download install and use Windows Live messenger as well as set up your webcam and microphone if you have oneā€¦

Hope this helps you
Richard (giloi2007)
Is anyone with a "hot body" and cute face interested in web cam modeling?
This question is for ladies, men and couples with an open mind. Please only respond if you are 18 and older!
yes but not nude silly
Can any one plz tell me hot to use a web cam on a laptop?
plz IM me to know the details
In case you haven't, you need to insert the CD-ROM that came with your camera and install the device driver. Usually, the default install will install some free program plus the device driver.

Remove the camera, install the device driver/software. Then,
if it connects to the USB port (PC) or Firewire port (Apple) reboot the PC, plug in the camera and follow the instructions.

I've read that people have damaged equipment by not plugging the firewire connectors in straight and caused shorts, so read the installation directions to see if they recommend you connect the camera while the PC is powered. Newer equipment is supposed to have minimize the danger.
Can you use a Web cam to talk to your girl from Afghanistan?
Would you be able to web cam from Afghanistan? Or is it too much of an hot area over there for that.
depends upon ur location in most Areas where they have wireless connections u can use cam easily but they are connected through wireless fone then sometimes during rush hours it create certain problem

but still yes u can use webcam from any area of afghanistan b
btw im afghan n i live there so know :)
Would I make enough money being a web cam girl to get plastic surgery?
I want to be a web cam girl, and i'm just wondering if I would make enough money doing that to get a boob job etc.. if any one can help me i'd like to know how much they think i can make in about a year. or if i were to do it as a side job. i'm a hot, litttle blonde girl i know i can make bank
Oh Yes you Can .... You can easily make $30-$40 per hour working for a good company. My girl has tried them all.
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My Friend is on hot mail messenger,why is he unable to receive my web-cam?
also I am unable to receive his picture from his web-cam
because i think he has the old version . . . say him to download the latest version at

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