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Does anyone know where I can find hot asian chicks at UCLA?
Little desperate here, but I need to get a couple of girls by the time I get to LA when I start college this year. Hopefully I can get some asian action, but I'm really fine with all races, creed, shape, and size.

Any tips on how to attract dem UCLA gurls would be appreciated. :D

Alby Chen!
Drop the desperation. That's totally not hot...
Why are most asian chicks so darn hot?
I'm attracted to asian chicks. why are they so hot and what is it about them thats attractive?
coz we'r jus hot like dat
Is there anything in this world more beautiful than a Hot Asian Chick?
Seriously, is there? White, Black, Mexican, Indian, and god knows what race. I dont think there is anything on this planet that comes close to the beauty of a Hot Asian Chick. It must be horrible to be a girl who isnt asian knowing that they will never be as beautiful as them.
lol this made me smile. Thank you. :)
Why are Asian chicks viewed as Hot and Asian guys Not?
What is up with that?
i know its complete bs lol
Why do I find Asian chicks so hot?
In high school I had a girlfriend that was Filipino. Before then I had never given it a thought. However, after dating her, I have always found Asian chicks hot. Don't get me wrong, there are ugly chicks in all cultures but the cute ones turn me on like crazy. Any theories?
Colour of skin and hair, eyes, innocence
Asian chicks are hot, however, are the hotter when they are nice or naughty?
I have been watching some Asian movies(martial arts...pervs) and they were some cool, evil women. Now I am conflicted because it would seem that one has to be hotter than the other.

"Great fortune for U.S."
Asian chicks are not that hot


I was being sarcastic lol

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