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Are there any teen mothers out there who are hiding/have hidden your pregnancy from your parents?
Are there any teens out there in the under 18 years old category who have hidden your pregnancy from your strict parents, whom you think would like totally flip out and go balistic on you if they found out? Detials on that please! (Example- you become pregnant like 2, 3, or 4 months before you turn 18)
I got pregnant at fourteen. I hid my pregnancy till I was almost 5 moths along because I was so scared. It was hard bevause I only weighed about 110Ibs and I showed ALOT. My parents were upset but they didn't go crazy. I know have a one month old daughter who they adore.
Where to have a hidden from your parents teen birthday thats free ?
i dont wanna get my parents involved they will embarass me. and i dont have money so i was hoping maybe a few friends 5-6 of my closest could go somewhere fun and not requiring parents and is free. and fun. help ?
the park.. or beach. you could have like a barbeque or a picnic
Would you use a hidden security camera on your sitter or teen?
If so, did you find what you wanted? Do you think it's an invasion of privacy if you don't tell em or a homeowner's right?
As a babysitter, I say go ahead and use it. we got nothing to hide. But don't put one in the bathroom!!! That is just insane. People deserve their privacy. If you want to put one on the door leading into the bathroom than go for it but not in it! And i have one question, What do you want to see? and Why would you hire someone that you can't fully trust?
Are parents allowed to put hidden cameras in their teen's room?
I know parents have like all rights over their guys, but are they allowed to invade such privacy?

i just had one of those "I think I'm being watched" moments so I asked this.
Not hidden because they would catch you getting undressed and it would be guy pornography but they ar allowd to put a camera up as long as they tell you about it. I saw this tis show with really strict parents . its was like wifeswap etc and they had cameras in their guys room. When teh guys changed they turned the cameras facing to the wall but if they were facing the wall like more than a few minutes and the mom noticed she would come barging in seeing wha twas goign on.. little freakish in my opinion.. hidden cameras are allowed in like open areas like living room etc. ( like nanny cams)
What's the longest a teen has hidden a lip piercing for?
if you do not know guess
please and thank you:)
I would say between the time you get it, to the time they come home from work.
Which would approximetly be around 3 hours.
Do all teen celebrities have to show their parents to the media?
Do all teen celebrities have to show their parents to the media? Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, etc.. Can teens celebrities keep their parents hidden or do all teen celebrities have to show their parents?
Their parents are running their finances which is why this is probably happening.
Do all teen celebrities always have to show their parents to the media?
Do all teen celebrities have to show their parents to the media? Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, etc.. Can teens celebrities keep their parents hidden or do all teen celebrities have to show their parents at a some point?
they want a little piece of fame soo i guess thats why they do so
What percent of teen girls hide their sexuality?
I have a 15 year old female friend and whenever I make any sort of sexually related joke no matter how tamed she immediately gets mad and when I made a masturbation joke she got extremely offended even after I told her It was only a joke. There are quite a few girls who behave similar at my school however at my friends school its totally different so are the girls here merely hiding it or are they that different?
Actually, I find those kinds of jokes predictable, tacky, and I usually assume the person telling them has a low intelligence, because they are not clever or entertaining at all. It is annoying for stupid people to assume everyone has their same sense of humor. That's what they are getting annoyed with. You just aren't funny.
That CW teen drama "Hidden Palms" gone for good?
Is that show from the CW "hidden palms" over forever? They said it was a series finale which usually means it's over so is this show officially canceled and gone? and please give me the answer from reputable SOURCES not gossipy rumorish blogs and sites that just have speculation from fans. I can't seem to find any official explanation from the CW or anyplace. I liked this show!!!

it got cancelled. some people are saying it was just a mini series, but wiki says it got cancelled.
Have you ever wondered if there are hidden cameras in your house?
I am a 13 year old teen and well, that is self explanitory. do you think parents can distrust their teens enough to put hidden cameras in the house so they can monitor me and my 16 year old sister? i know that legally, they can do it because they can just say they suspected me of doing drugs and set it up for safty purposes but it is such an invashion of my privacy. i hate this fealing that i am being watched so what do you think. i don't do drugs or drink or anything like that.
I wouldn't worry about the camera thing...it's way too much work for a parent to do that. It is an invasion of privacy and I wouldn't want to see my guy doing some of the things that I used to do as a guy :)

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