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What kind of dildos/vibrators are popular with young girls these days?
There's a girl I like alot and wanna surprise her with a gift.

I want to get her a dildo, not anything cheap though. She's really hot and her body is built for something very powerful and BIG.

I saw something called a "rabbit" and then some others which were just regular "dongs" I guess you call them.

Help ppl. Ideas???
The Lelo and Oh Mi Bod have become very popular. It depends on how comfortable your friend is with toys. The rabbit is a good choice for someone who is extremely comfortable with toys. The others I mentioned are a bit more subtle.
Girls and Dildo's.. wtf? why does this get me pissy?
I don't know why, but girls using sex toys REALLY REALLY gets at me, im a boy and my girlfriend wouldn't use one, but she said she would try it but not if I don't want her too, but she's not bothered..

But what really gets at me is (unless they have no partner) why do they need a fake dick? People say 'to please themselves when men aren't there' well use your fingers? Men use there hands? masturbating doesn't bother me at all, just when a girl feels the need (Especially when she has a boyfriend bad/good in bed, even without having sex) they are using a fake dick? What? If a girl doesn't feel secure enough to have sex with her bf, how can she shove a fake dick in there? Plus, they will then compare guys penis' to the fake toy, and it's just like ''WTF WHY DO YOU NEED A FAKE DICK?'' I'm really sorry, but I get so agitated by even the though of a woman using a sex toy WTFFFFFF.

please tell me why i do :(
Wow. You clearly have jealousy/self-esteem issues. You will never really know if your girlfriend has a toy or not, so do not appear so bold as to make such a statement.
Fingering is for 12 year olds. A toy can help a woman have a vaginal orgasm or a g-spot orgasm (which is nearly impossible to get without the use of a toy!) Some women just prefer a full feeling inside. Not all sex toys are big fake *****, there are bullets, wands, plugs, suction toys, beads, nipple clamps, vibrating panties and a slew of others. Men also use a variety of toys, pumps, plugs, sleeves, c-rings, etc.
And here's the part you are really missing out on:
When you are having sex with your girl, you either see her face, or you see her back and the back of her head. When you use toys WITH your partner, you get to watch her entire body react- her back arch, her toes curl, her chest heave, her legs tremble and finally her entire body convulses with pleasure!! And trust me, it is one HELL of a show!!
Unfortunately for you, you are missing it.
Does using large dildos ruin your sex with your husband?
I was curious how many girls have used dildos that are much bigger than there husband or boyfriend. I bought my wife a large one a few months ago. I'm fairly large but this one definitely trumps me. she loves it and i love watching her with it but I wonder if she uses it too much will it make it difficult to enjoy regular sex with me. Just looking for any serious input on this from anyone who has had experience. Not interested in funny, annoying, or derogatory comments.
It's bigger, newer, and different. Different doesn't have to mean bad.
The toy is never going to say I love you, snuggle up to her, make her feel better when she is sick, or from a sexual stand point, It can't pull her hair and smack her ***.
If she's using it and watching you enjoy her using it, she's probably getting of on that, more than the toy itself!

A little background- my hubby and I were only married a short time when I decided to sell toys at home-parties. Neither of us had ever used them before, I just wanted to make extra money. When he saw my starter kit, he was about ready to pack up and leave. He immediately assumed I no longer needed him because I'd have access to all these toys. What we have learned is, for us, toys have never become a replacement, but an ENHANCEMENT to our sex life. It's a very rare occasion that I use toys without him.

Oh- and as far as her "getting too loose", the vagina always returns to it's normal size, the muscular contractions that happen during orgasm see to that. So unless she's given birth in the past 20 minutes, she is the same size she was when you met. She can also do kegel exercises to maintain tightness.
I have a question for you girls?
This bother's me. My husband thinks if i use a dildo i won't ever get satisfied with him anymore. Has any of you girls own a dildo? and has it made you feel turn off when having sex with your guy?
If your husband had any sense he'd learn to use it WITH you and enjoy the show! Instead of worrying about his own needs, he could use it on you, watch your back arch, your legs twitch, and your toes curl... maybe do oral on you at the same time!
If he was smart, he'd know that 85% of women only climax from CLITORAL stimulation, and a dildo has nothing to do with that!

**A big brain is sexy, guys!! Try to learn a little about your women before making judgments!!**
What do you girls enjoy more?
Im just takin a survey, not askin for favors. But to get the best orgasm, and comfort, do you girls enjoy it more using a dildo, or do you enjoy it more when having actual sex with your man? . And if you girls get satisfied others ways other than sex and toys, what other ways do you enjoy yourselves? Guys can answer aswell to tell about their womans. Thanks for answering!
incorporate toys with sex and create a much higher orgasm
My boyfriend loves dildos?!?! is he gay?
One day, he suddenly started acting like a little sluteey b"tch and asked me to use my dildo on him, I was shocked at first but then i Did use it on him, He Visibly Enjoyed it, He really loved it. He keeps talking about how nice it feels and how he loves it. He says he loves it when I do it to him. He is physically quite weak, (I could kick his *** too), he's small and quite thin.

I asked him if he's gay but he said that he's not. He also wants me to dress him up like a girl too. He keeps talking about make up and dresses. He acts like a little Sl@t without a boyfriend. It wouldn't surprise me if he is. he's always Jumping around like he wants a boyfriend. He says he loves me very much but he does seem disinterested in women sometimes.

one day he said that Victoria's secret fashion show 'sucks' and that he doesn't find it 'hot', but refuses to being gay and says that he loves me very much.

It's like he wants girls to use a dildos on him. I don't think he wants men to do it. He also adds that he wants me to do it "hard". he makes girly sounds and he loves being submissive.
I'm fine with the Dildo, (I must admit it does turn me on too!) I don't really care if he's gay but i just want to know if he is. I might actually buy a new strap-on for him, I know that it'd make him happy.

Is there any way i can confirm if he's gay?.
I think that is so sexy!! Once a man tries a dildo, you don't give it up, and eventually want the real thing, so yes he maybe gay, and its all cool. Why not try to get another bi guy involved? your Bf and you can wear matching lingerie haha. If it turns you on, go for it.
What household items can I put in my vagina to masterbate with besides dildos and hairbrushes? ?
I'm a teen girl so I get horny often. I use my fingers and the ends of hairbrushes. What other things could I use that I could find around my house besides dildos and bananas and cucumbers?
I understand that electric toothbrushes are popular. You can even purchase discreet attachments for them.

I suggest you don't go for the cucumbers - you want to keep things tight down there.
I like girls but i found a dildo and sucked on it, plus put it in my ***...whats going on with me?
i am a male, i have liked girls my whole life, i love being with them and i love doing stuff with them, but when i stayed at my friends house i found his moms dildo when they hired me to feed there animals while they were outta town, and i suck on it and put it in my ***...i like it...but i like girls...whats happening?
You are Bi-Sexual BUT never do that again as you dont know if someone dildo was in a STD pussi or in their ***.
Part 2 of am i gay bi or str8?
i didnt think anything of it we just made the x and thats it. also when i was younger i thot a lot of people around me were gay and got scared of them coming after me. i hung with my two male frends when i was like 12-15ish we did the normal guy stuff like football and wrestling. and while i wrestled them i still didnt think about it or feel aroused. i was trying to win like them and be tough. i was though kinda left out and ditched by them sometimes and was pissed. i played football in 7th grade and never thot anything about that either, and i wrestled freshman yr. still no gay or bi thots. i have researched about that like most gays know at a young age and i recall not feeling different like that. so yeah just to say, this one time my stepdad brought me to a hockey game that he was reffing for. in the changing room he got naked and i saw his penis by accident and didnt feel attracted to it and turned away. any ways um the real trouble was when my mom remarried and i was forced out of my house and moved. while going to a new school jun year. i still didnt think about being gay, i wanted a girlfrend still really bad. so one year almost passed and around xmas i dont remember what exactly but i was 16 i think and started having thoughts about being gay or something and that night i was terrified and so sick i cud hardly go to bed. time went on and i kept thinking i was gay when i never had a girlfrend or never did anything with anybody and nevr have to this day (prude, virgin etc). i was way more depressd before and wanted to kill myself. some days id be liking girls again and feel my good ole self and then ther was days id be thinking iwas gay and be really down.i wanted to go back to the way i used to be. so basically i had hardships like every winter with things i thought i was having truble with fighting the devil or my own self paranoia. trouble came with masturbation and if i thout about a guy by accident or if i got sombodys name in my head. so i was happier thinking i was straight and not gay. my mom who i have lived with my whole life had a gay frend and isnt judgemental. i think i made a bad gay joke about him once and she got pissed caz he died a few years earlier. so yeah these thots of being gay were ruining my life and i wanted to kill myself. i went to a therapist for the devil stuff and for my absent father in life and i brought up to him at the end of my time ther that i dont know if im gay or not and had a hard time telling my feelings. he said i might be bi or what ever and mentioned gay and i completely resisted and was trying to keep straight. he said what if you were bi,whats wrong with taht u still like girls and i still rejected that idea. i was still attracted to women and dont think i ever lost it. they were always a part of my masturbation routine. so time went by again and i still have had trouble with this to this day. to try to wrap this up i think that i might be hocd or something because i think ive been leaning more towards straight and not gay recently.and i always question whether im gay or not and still dont know. idk i thot i was gay because i fingered my self once during masturbation and later realized that it was a g spot for guys and that many straight guys like it. that brought relief. but i still question this all the time. im almost 18 and dont know if its a phase or bi curious or hormones and have recently watched gay porn to see if i got a ***** and i didnt. but i watched solo girls with dildos and got one and liesbians and got one. in the past i masturbated to guy and girl and didnt think anything of it and tried to focus on the girl and wehn i herd the mans moans or voice i got turned off and was pissed caz i wanted to hear just the girl. today i had an experience by accident i was walking out of my class and my guy frends hand brushed my private area by mistake and i was freaked out and didnt think about gay thoughts and was like, ok never again even tho it was by accident. so i have climaxed to guys a couple times and have felt sick after.and have felt attracted to them a bit last yr junoir year. like for ex, i was once again trying to see if i was gay and lined up 2 piks together. one of a guy in underwear and another of a chick in a tight top. and my eyes went to the man and didnt get off till i was done after i felt sick and was like what did i do? i dont know whats going on with me and i really feel messed up for not knowing caz i want to. and this has happened only a couple times to me and i still love women and recently ive been srtaight and wanted to go out with this hot girl but panic evtime i try to talk to her. and wen i see her i concentrate on her and not guys. and when i have good days and masturbate guys dont even enter my mind and i feel relaxed after i masturbated to women and a nervous wreck with guys. thers prolly things i left out but u guys can make sense of this mess i hope. yeah im really confused i have an uncle that idk if hes gay and
Straight. also long my eyes hurt.
WHY do guys HAVE TO watch PORN?
My boyfriend doesn't watch porn anymore because it makes me feel that im not good enough for him... I just don't get why guys are so obsessed with porn. I told him that once he goes to England for Studies, i don't mind him watching cause i wont be there...
am i the only girl feeling this way? he told me that it doesn't mean anything just because he's watching porn but still i don't like it at all so he stopped.. if guys can watch porn and have a good time on their own, why isn't it ok when girls get dildos? I asked a friend the other day and he said that boyfriends are not very happy when their girlfriends get dildos...
its just so confusing :S
Guys watch porn in the same way they watch motor racing. They imagine they are there. It doesn't mean they want to actually be racing drivers, nor that their life won't be complete unless they are driving a Ferrari. So it doesn't mean they compare you to the girls they see, though they may be curious to try some new positions (that's not necessarily a bad thing, right?). A guy reacts to visual stimulation much more readily than a girl, for him, sex isn't necessarily bound up into ideas of fidelity or guyren, and porn caters to this side of his appetite - like giving a hungry man some fast food. But you'd soon get weird if you lived life on junk food! So porn is only a problem if it becomes an addiction.
BTW, what's wrong with girls using dildos? Sounds fun.
Maybe the issue here is your low self esteem. I'm sure he adores you (after all, he gave up using porn for you!) so why not watch some with him, and maybe learn a new facet to your relationship?!

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