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Toy rabbit masturbation with schoolgirl
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Girl masturbation?
how do i know if my girl classmates masturbate?
is there something in their physical appearance that will show?!
Why is it important to know if others masturbate. If you are afraid you are the only one trust me you are not...
Girl masturbation...?
Is it normal for a girl to masturbate,? I mean like I've never ever done it but some people have :/ I think its kinda sick but yeahhh other people seem to disagree, any tips anyways? I may try it cause everyone seems to love it :|
it is actually very normal and healthy to masturbate for anyone guy or girl and u will find it can be pleasurable the better u get to know ur body
Girl Masturbation?
Men Masturbation is realy harmfull for his health or good for health
No matter what people might tell you, female and male masturbation is actually very healthy!

It helps the muscles around the genitals develop and get stronger, as when you have an orgasm, they twitch which helps make them firm.
Can anyone give me some girl masturbation tips?
I would like to find some stuff other than using your fingers because that doesn't really work for me at all. Im a girl and im to young to buy anything to use to masturbate that's meant for it if you could give me some good tips i would appreciate it. thanks:)
I use a regular home messager. My dad dosen't supect anything with it. I'm pretty young too, so I feel your pain. I'm too scared to use my fingers. It just seems wierd and I can't really get it in deep enough, and I'm afraid I'll hurt something because I'm a virgin. Yeah so try like a home vibrator I find it the best when I get all scared that my family will catch me and I instantly climax. It's the greatest feeling ever.
I need some ways for girl masturbation, besides vibrators; does anyone have any ideas?
Other than electric toothbrushes, got tired of it
not vibrators cause my parents will find it
besides shower heads and fingers cause that's boring
descriptive methods please
know of any vibrating things or massagers in substitute for vibrators?
I love the shower head...I sit in the bath...Legs open wide...and up the wall and hold the shower head on my thing...I start off with the water gentle...then keep changing the temperature and strenghth of the tap...Hold it there for a while and move your hips up while doing it. Hold on for as long as possible...AMAZING....Like you say, if your'e still bored of that...Maybe use the handle of a hair brush and just stick it up...Also the wii remote..put it in and then go on some games that use vibration while it's in there..It's really good. Another good one...put your thing by the washing machine while it's on full vibration mode...It's intense...Anything thats cylinder shaped really...Just stick that in you and give it a go. Or just get a couple of pillows and ride them with something hard underneath. You could also try a cucumber, banana etc or as many pens that fit
Hope I helped
Olivia x
P.S... This may sound disgusting but my friend covers her thing with peanut butter and let the dog lick it off. Iv'e never done and probably never will.
Better girl masturbation with a vibrator?
So i have this blue Dolphin vibrator that i've been using for a while but honestly it takes me 15 mins to even get hot. Any tips, positions or other things to climax?
The previous poster is only partially right. While you can certainly get bored with a toy, it definitely can't desensitize you.

Vibrators produce the most intense sensations, so most women reach orgasm faster than they do with other types of stimulation. But using a vibrator—even frequently—does NOT change your body’s ability to respond to other types of sexual stimulation. Over time, some women become particularly fond of vibrator stimulation. But, that’s a personal preference, not an “addiction.” In fact, far from ruining women for sex that does not include them, vibrators actually HELP women respond to other forms of erotic stimulation because vibrators allow them to experience the full range of their sexual responsiveness.

If you're using a blue dolphin, it's likely one that is used internally with a dolphin nose to provide additional stimulation externally. Try something focused on providing external stimulation (like a bullet, or a very small traditional plastic vibrator) to gain more control.

Also, Passion Parties has a great product on the market that has been receiving a lot of recent media attention that might help! It's called Pure Satisfaction and was featured on the Doctors TV show. This arousal gel helps bring blood to the region, helping you get thing moving a little faster!
Is self masturbation harmful for a 16 years old girl?
I'm 16 years old & I'm a girl. Is self masturbation harmful for me?
Honey, Masturbation is not harmful but rather a natural release for sexual tension. You will find that masturbation is a life long activity. Even when you are married and have a healthy sex life, masturbation will be a part of it with and without your spouse's participation. Normal and healthy sexual relationships always includes masturbation in one form or another. And being 16 and single, masturbation is essential to your overall mental and physical well-being. Enjoy your private moments!

The only time masturbation is harmful, is when a person is obsessed or addicted to it and cannot function in a relationship because of it. Or prefers masturbation over sexual intercourse.
What does it mean if a guy thinks about being a girl during masturbation/sex?
The guy doesn't imagine the person he is having sex with to be a guy but imagines himself being a girl, while doing a girl. Or masturbating.

Is this normal? What does it mean exactly? Would people get freaked out by this?
maybe you're egotistical? i have had the same-ish thoughts on occation and it boils down to "i wonder how awesome i am making him feel right now?" yes people will be freaked out so don't go telling anyone in real life.
I need some girl masturbation tips and ideas. old ways are getting way boring. need ways that feel good.ideas?
I can't get a vibrator
fingers are boring
and i used an electric tb
but i need something interesting tht feels so good
Take up horseback riding. When the washing machine is out of balance, get up against it. Lie on your back in the bath tub, and let warm water from the faucet run over you. You can roll a wash cloth into a tube for the water to flow through to adjust the stream. Clothespins or binder clips will hold the cloth in place.
Girl masturbation techniques for at home?
i love masturbation cant get enough of it... please IN DETAIL give some masturbation techniques... i currently use a tub faucet but i need more
On the Q-tip

First of all you may want a friend for some help, but all you do is get a Q-tip and put some Vaseline or lube on it, then you sit with your legs spread. Pull the hood of your clit back and rub the Q-tip lightly over just your little clit. Then either you or your friend can put a vibrator inside of you until you are cumming with delight!

Slip 'n' Slide

Wrap a bunched up towel with Saran Wrap and put lube on it. It makes for a serious orgasmic experience. Put a few pillows together, place the wet, slippery towel on them and then ride it! It feels so naughty.

Dildo Sculpture

Go to an art store and buy some Plastiline clay. It's gray, and comes in blocks, about 4 lbs. Mold it into any shape dick you like, and stick a condom on it. Then you can use it as a dildo. The good thing is, you can always remold this clay. It's very realistic feeling.

Baster Suction

Take the rubber bulb off a turkey baster and place it over your clit. Then squeeze it and release to create suction on your clit. It feels just like someone is sucking your pussy.

Just Bead It!

I get a Mardi Gras necklace (beads) and cut it so it's one long string. Then I put it between my legs and hold it with one hand in front and one hand behind me. I saw it back and forth over my clit until I ***. It's amazing and cheaper than a vibrator.

Kodak Moment

Also works with those rubber snake bite kits:

Get an empty film cylinder, one of the little plastic ones. Lick the rim of it and put it over your clit. Squeeze the sides and it creates a suction. Gently flick it while you put the end of a hairbrush in your pussy. Also works well in the shower when you fill it with warm water.

Carrot on Clit

Lie on the bed and bend your legs so that your feet are flat on the mattress with your knees pointing up. Close your legs tight. Take a medium-size carrot and lube it with olive oil or baby oil. You may drop a little oil directly on your clit. Insert the carrot in your slit so that it doesn't go inside your vagina but is rubbing your clit. Start slow, then go very fast and keep rubbing it. The faster you rub the more pleasure you get. When you feel you are cumming, close your legs more tightly and lift up your hips and keep rubbing. You will have a great orgasm.

Frosty Freeze

Take a butter knife with a rounded handle and put it in the refrigerator. When it gets nice and cold, take the knife out and stick the handle in your pussy. The coldness will feel really good inside and against your clit.

More Shower Power

The drawback is that you'll notice the tile needs cleaning:

Turn on the shower and adjust the temperature to your liking. Get on all fours and position yourself in the shower stream so it massages your *** while teasing your nipples. Then turn the faucet on and lie on your back underneath it. Let it pulsate on your asshole and then let it massage your clit until you explode.

Maxi-mum Pleasure

Get a maxi pad and soak it in some warm-to-hot water then put into to your panties. Ride something, like the edge of the tub. Go as fast or as slow as you like. Sometimes you have to stop and warm it up with some more water, but the warm, wet pressure is great!

Venus Razor Fan

Take a nice hot bath, then put your Venus razor to work. Insert the handle end of it into your vagina turned sideways. Then as it gets pretty deep, turn it over with the rubber part downward. Start slow but then get super super super fast. Those ridges are spectacular!

i hope you like.

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