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Gay teen sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
they say that the anus is stretched after gay sex but what happens to the penis does it kind of..shrink u know to accomodate? im only 16 and my bf and i are thinking about it
The anus should be stretch BEFORE anal sex, with lots of lube and patients. During erection the penis swells with blood and will probably get bigger, but like I said lots of lube and time spent stretching and relaxing the sphincter muscle of the anus and it will be able to accommodate the penis with very minimal discomfort.

If you and your boyfriend are really thinking about having sex you should search up some information on websites aimed at teens (not porn sites).…

Both these sites might be helpful to you. Just remember three very important things about anal sex:

it is vital you still use a condom, and for extra protection from STDs/STIs you should BOTH wear one;

the partner that is going to be penetrated needs to be stretched, and to use lots of lube (if neither you or your partner want to insert a finger into the anus use latex gloves, as long as neither of you are allergic to latex) but I can not stress lots of lube and stretching enough;

and last and most importantly make sure this is something you both really want/are ready for. It could really change your relationship, and you will remember the person you gave your virginity to forever.

Good luck and be safe.
Gay teen sex problem?
i am gay n teen is it ok for me n bf to have hj n bj.were kinda getting started but i would like some opinionss.should we do more soon?how to be safe?
hand jobs are fine because you can't get any sort of STD from that. Everything else.... just be safe, use a condom... get checked...

I wouldn't necessarily say it would be good to do more soon... Gay or straight.... teen or adult... just take your time and let things happen as they come.

Don't rush into anything and be safe... that's all that matters.

And don't listen to any of these right wing knuckleheads who are bound to pop up and say that being gay is wrong.
What are the risks of one time gay teen sex?
Hello Yahoo! answer...

Basically, Me and my friend are both 13, and I'm pretty sure he's gay. I am bi.

I just want to know what the risks of one time sex between us would be...

again, this is one (maybe a couple more) time(s) of unprotected sex. Any help at all would be great...
You are too young to emotionally handle sex so wait til your 16, at least. The hazards of tween one time sex is Herpes, Syphillis, Gonorrhea, HIV.
Gay teen crisis!!!!!!!!sex or education?
i met a boy my age[16] online today.....hes gay and im gay and he wants me too meet him tomorow so tat we can have some "fun".
hers the problem:i have test on monday............its not that important.....but im kinda the srt8-A's dork and i ont want to spoil that,but on the other hand,i've never done anything reckless like this in months..................should i have great sex or or should i keep up my grades?

the guy im seeing is leaving on tomrows my last chance.................and plus:its relly hard to find a gay teen online,i mean all thers out there a middle aged sex maniacs...............
Take the test. If the guy is leaving Monday it will just be a one time thing. And what happens if it isn't that great? You had bad sex and you missed the test.
There are a lot of teens online you can talk to, you just got to look for them.
First Time Gay Teen Sex?
Okay so I'm sixteen and I have my first boyfriend. Long story short we have both decided we want to sleep together. We know what it means, and the connection that comes with it, but we've both decided that we care about each other enough and are mature enough to handle it.

I have never recieved any safe sex information in my life, so what do I need to know? The things I already know:

- Always use a condom
- Might have to stretch the *** hole a bit
- Lots and lots of lube
- Might hurt/not work the first few tries

Anything else?
Don't Be Pressured To Do Anything You Don't Want To Do.
But If This Is The Descision You Really Want To Make..
Make Sure You're Careful And Ready.
Have Fun ;)
Gay teen sex addict with important ?
Okay is it weird I have an urge to wanna have we. With another guy because I always get so horny I don't know if I should do it or wat I'm confused need help from other teens or anyone who know cuz everytime I get horny at locker room with a bulge anyone can c help
Look at the floor, I had this issue and my eyes wondered.
Parents or future mom's or dad's: What would you do if your teen guy was gay/ lesbian & found having sex?
I am 16, and have always wondered if parents would treat their guy the same as if they were risking pregnancy/ aids in straight relationship. Pregnancy would obviously be ruled out, but if they were both mature enough to be monogamous with having sex together, would you allow your ( 15, 16, 17) teen to have sex?
I don't have guyren, but I do want 4 babies in the future :) I wouldn't care if my son was gay or my daughter was a lesbian. I would be happy for them that they are happy and I would love them regardless of their sexuality. It wouldn't change anything. They'd still be my guyren and I would still love them. I would never let go. I wouldn't be happy if they were having sex at 15, in-fact I wouldn't allow them to do it, but if they're going to have sex they're going to do it behind my back anyways. I would prefer that they have sex when they're 18, because at 16 you're still a young. I'm 17 and still a virgin. I would be happy and okay with them having sex as long as they're in a loving and happy relationship.
Online date - sex? Teen, gay...?
How dangerous is it to meet up with a guy who is 19 (never met him before) and another gay guy who is 16 to have sex together. Im 16. We'd meet at a public place and then go to his place. Im only visiting this town for two weeks (i dont want anyone to know im gay where i live). I dont think he could be a pedophile cuz im already 16. Could he be a raper at age 19??? Obviously if he didnt show up and istead his 'uncle' will take me to x's place because X couldnt make it on time... Then i would obviously not go with him. What other risks are there? Try to imagine how i feel. Im 16 (look older) and i cant let anyone know im gay so imagine how bad i want to do something with another guy...
I'd suggest going somewhere public instead of meeting at his house. If he turns out to be suspicious and you're locked in his house, who knows what he'll do!
What do gay teens do when they have sex?
What do gay teen boys, say 15-18 do when they have sex? Just wondering, because me and my boyfriend are thinking about having sex, but I don't know what to do. Share experiences please? We need help.
Begin with basics mutual masturbation as way to being man to man action. From there to oral delights and finally anal. But when doing anal make sure are cleaned out and make sure condoms are used.
Gay Teen Guys: How did you think of sex Ed?
I won't lie, My Sex Ed was drastically lacking. Yea they told us what a condom does, they told us what the pill does and they told us that you can get STDs from having sex. But they never showed us anything or even told us how STDs are gotten...
I agree with the first answer.
Sex ed was during health class in 7th and 8th grade, and we talk more about drugs then sex. There was talk about STDs through needles, hardly about sex, the word only got tossed in once or twice. We learned you either got pregnant, or a std. Condoms were mentioned maybe once.
We learned more in science class about sex then we did in health and sex ed.
It didn't help the health teachers daughter was in the class, kinda awkward there.

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