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Why do cosmetic companies make more shades of white than black?
Regardless of what company makes the make-up, there's AT LEAST 15 shades of white. There's porcelin ivory, classic ivory, ivory, milk, vanilla, peach, beige, tan, olive, sierra, golden, bronze, toast and the list goes on. But when it comes to dark foundations, it's just Caramel or Cocoa. What's up with this? My skin color isn't cocoa, it's ebony and I have a HARD time finding my shade. Do the companies not realize that blacks come in other shades than caramel and cocoa? Why is this?
The color Espresso by Bee-Luscious is very dark. It is too dark for most African-Americans. I think they have the most natural looking foundation on the market. It is much darker than the color Cocoa. Email them and they will send you some samples. This is how my friends and I have found our colors. Good Luck!!!

Heya can i have sum help please?

im 22weeks pregnant and had my 4d scan done yesterday and im having a bouncing baby girl. i was lookin for some really different names

can you tell me which you would choose as i have a daughte makenzie already?

give me some of your ideas too


Hey how do you like

Makenzie and Daisia
Makenzie and Aurorah
Makenzie and Kasiah
Makenzie and Lilliah/Lilia
Makenzie and Ruby-Ella
Makenzie and Saoirsa (Prn Seer-sha, means LIBERTY, FREEDOM in Irish
Makenzie and Portia (Prn same as Porsche)
Makenzie and Neveagh (NOT Nevaeh, prn Na-vay)
Makenzie and Sofianne/Sophiana
Makenzie and Aurora
Makenzie and Kahlia
Makenzie and Calianne/Kalianna

They are different but hope ya like some of them!!

Where can you find video of Vanessa Blue to download??
i have went to her main web site but most are old.
where can i find one or two sites where i can download a lot of them Rather than going site to site.
also sierra, jada fire, and carmen hayes, or even better, a free video site that has nothing but ebony famous popular models
if u want a music video to download on to your ipod, this is how i do it.
google your video. just scroll down the page of ur video, untill u find one thats webside is video.google
click on it, the video should begin playing. then on the right, there should be somhing that says *download to ipod/psp* click on that, and u have a downloaded video for your ipod!
Opinions on these baby names, and more suggestions please?
OK so we aren't sure if it is a boy or girl yet, and we have a list of names, tell me what you think and more suggestions would be great, The more names the better, since we have a couple moths to chose yet.
We don't want something TOO common, but at the same time if the name is really nice it doesn't matter.
The Last name is Bellears-Scanlan (said Bell - airs).
So far our list is:


Makyra (said mack - era)
Ayesha (said eye - eesh - a)

Erika Ruby Bellears-Scanlan
Ruby Aneska Bellears-Scanlan

Our names are Ayla Bellears and James Scanlan
We are hyphenating the name as I am the last Bellears in my family (we are all girls and I am the only one not married) So thus would like to use both names.
Congratulations :)

these are my favourite baby names if they are any help!


Why don't cosmetic companies cater to black people?
Regardless of what company makes the make-up, there's AT LEAST 15 shades of white. There's porcelin ivory, classic ivory, ivory, milk, vanilla, peach, beige, tan, olive, sierra, golden, bronze, toast, sand and the list goes on. But when it comes to dark foundations, it's just Caramel or Cocoa. What's up with this? My skin color isn't cocoa, it's ebony and I have a HARD time finding my shade. Do the companies not realize that blacks come in other shades than caramel and cocoa? THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAJORITY. Also, even though blacks are 12% of the population, we spend 3X more than white people. The black female consumer has suddenly become the $4 billion beauty industry increased in 22% reaching a total of $732 million PER YEAR.
If your numbers are right, I see a wonderful business opportunity for you. Have you ever thought of starting and building a business like this? Do some marketing studies and you may really be on to something here. Good luck!
Can you make me some names out of these?
First and middle? For a girl. Three names please :)

Gemma Sadie, Ophelia Summer, and Sierra Violet.
Some of your names are lovely, although some are a bit too nature-inspired for me.
I would also make the combinations Cassandra Zoey and Ivy Willow.
Need Foal Name Suggestions?
Beautiful chestnut paint stud colt born April 10. Dam's name is Ebony Sheik's Dreamer. Sire is Genuine Gem. Granddams are Mack's Dream and Wild Rhaspsody. Grandsires are Ebony Sheik and Triples Titan. Name cannot be longer than 20 letter and spaces. We cannot agree on anything at home, so I am putting out here to the Yahoo community to see if they can help us come up with a really cool name for this little guy. 1/2 brothers are Supreme Par Three and Copy Of Sierra
how bout Mack's Wild Titan or Mack's Wild Dreamer or Mack's Wild Gem(sorry i like Mack's Wild...)
you could try to spell something with his initials and then use that as his pet name but i can't find anything good but Wes and then Sheiks at the end n it aint that good sounding then.
Which of these is best? +BQ?
These are possible middle names I thought might go with Larkin (for a girl). Please just tell me which one (or two or three, whatever) you like best. Also, if you have other ideas, feel free to suggest them! Thanks :)

Larkin Elyse
Larkin Olivia
Larkin Adelina
Larkin Amira
Larkin Gabriella
Larkin Maria
Larkin Sophia
Larkin Aurora
Larkin Auxiliadora
Larkin Evelyn
Larkin Azucena
Larkin Azalea
Larkin Bethany
Larkin Desiree
Larkin Sierra
Larkin Clementine
Larkin Corazana
Larkin Delicia
Larkin Dulce
Larkin Ebony
Larkin Emory
Larkin Estelle
Larkin Esmeralda
Larkin Felicity
Larkin Francesca
Larkin Geneva
Larkin Gloriana
Larkin Isabella
Larkin Italia
Larkin Jasmine
Larkin Noelle
Larkin Magdalena
Larkin Marcella
Larkin Marisol
Larkin Melosa
Larkin Natalia
Larkin Novella
Larkin Rosella
Larkin Sapphira
Larkin Talia
Larkin Dominique
Larkin Virginia
Larkin Serena
Larkin Cecilia

Yeah, I know it's long, sorry!

BQ: Any of the middle names above that you think sound good together? I like two middle names, but often have trouble thinking of three names that flow well and everything.

Thank youuu :)
I really like: Larkin Sierra and Larkin Rosella.
If you really can't think of middle name, then you could always let the baby decide when she's older.
I picked mine and now my initials are KEY :)
Anything you want to add to naming rules? Part II?
7. When choosing a name for baby, imagine it is your lawyer's name. Would you really trust someone named Muffin or Shan’ee’quia to get you off that murder charge?

8. Do not name you guy anything that you would not yell out the back door when calling them for a meal.

9. Watch the initials! Don’t name your baby something like Aly Sierra Smith or Donald Isaiah Cooper.

10. Rethink all names that begin with Qua, d’, and La.

11, William Williams, Robert Roberts, Cole Cole. No explanation needed here.

12. If your last name is a color, be very careful. Mocha Brown, Cherry Redd, and Ebony Black are not cute except when they’re dancing around a pole.
LMAO!! My husbands initials are J.E.W.
Unusual girls names..?
Please tell me your favorite or least favorites from this list and put a brief explanation beside it. I am attempting to make this list smaller.

Arabella, Arielle, Aurora, Annalisa, Angelina, Alisonya, Aaliyah, Addison, Ashton, Alana, Aisha, Aria, Alondra, Alexandria, Alexandra, Ami, Amisha, Annika, Anisa, Antonia, Anya, Arianna, Abrianna, Ashanti, Ashlyn, Aubrey, Angelisa, August, Anastasia, Alexiana, Allisah, Ananiah, Almah, Ashira, Azalia
Bella, Belicia, Bristol
Caelan, Callista, Chase, Charlotte, Charlene, Charlise/Charlisa, Cyan, Catherine, Cherise, Clarissa, Collette, Cosette, Constance, Corrina/Corrine, Carmen, Camille, Chalise
Dove, Delayna
Elianah, Elise, Eva, Evie, Ebony, Elaina, Elysium, Ellam, Elisah, Engracia, Elisheba, Eden
Florence, Farrah, Felicia
Gwen, Gabriella, Gianna, Gloria, Grace
Hallie, Hailey, Harlequin, Hope, Haven
Jolene, Jasmine, Jenna, Joyce, Justine
Kallista, Kalena, Kylie, Kyrie, Kate, Kylah, Kyrah, Kyrian, Kiannah, Katrina, Kailani, Kaiah, Kaolin, Kaitlin, Kaliyah, Karena, Kaylah, Kiersten, Kiloh, Kylena, Kylianah
Lilian, Lily, Lydia, Leandra, Lana, Larissa, Latasha, Latisha, Lara, Leilani, Lael, Leticia, Lilah
Mariska, Meredith, Maxis, Maxine, Madelyn, Madison, Makayla, Meriwether
Nicole, Nika, Niko, Nikita, Neve, Natasha, Natalie, Natalya, Nadine, Nadia, Noemi
Olivia, October, Oleander
Rosalie, Rosabella, Rose
Sienna, Sierra, Sahara, Serena, Sadie, Sonia, Selena, Selene, Simone, Samara, Sabrina, Sandra, Serenity, Shaniah, Sheena, Sheree, Shira, Sophia, Sian, Saisha, Seraphina, Shalisa, Sheba, Selah
Tara, Trinity, Thalia, Taliyah, Tasha, Tasia, Tatiana, Talisha
Verity, Vivian
Winter, Wednesday, Willow
Yakira, Yulisa, Yolana
Zaharah, Zeva, Zena, Zandra, Zasha
I do not like Zasha or Zena. Too....space-like.
I am annoyed with the name Zeva....reminds me of NCIS, I hear it too much and I dont really like it.
None of the Y's
Wednesday is the only W name I like on your list. Willow sounds too mushy and hippie. Winter is okay, but I dont really like it.
The V's arent bad.
No Tasha, Tatiana or Talisha. Tatiana is too fancy and Tasha and Talisha are very common.
Shaniah, Sheree, Shira, and Shalisha are...ok I guess.
Sienna, Sierra, Serena, Selena, and Samara are fine, I dont really care for the rest.
Rosalie is a good name. None of the other R's make my cut.
No Oleander.
Neve? No. Natasha? Too common. Natalya? Nahhh. Nadine and Noemi???? I'll pass.
Maxine, Makayla and Meriwhether are out.
Lilian, Lily, Latasha, Latisha, Leilani, Lael, and Leticia are e-liminated. Duh, duh, DUHHHH!
Kaitlin and Kaylah? Bye Bye.
No Kallista, Kalena, Kate, Kyrian, Katrina, Kailani, or Kaolin.
Isabella is alright.
Hailey and Hope are also very common. Hallie (not pronounced Hayley right, Halle?) Harlequin (at least its unique...) and Haven are nice names.
Gwen is out.
Felicia is alright. Forget the other F's.
Get rid of Eva, Evie, Ebony, Ellam, Elisheba and Eden.
Hi I'm Dove. Really? Delayna is good though.
Collette, Cosette, Constance, Corrina and Corrine, Camille, Cherise, Catherine, Callista and Caelan, in my opinion, arent great names. The other C's arent bad. I like them actually...there great....
Belicia and Bristol are gone.
Aurora and Annalisa need to go. Aaliyah? I dont even know how to say that... Aisha, Aria, Alondra, Ami and Amisha are not names I like. Abrianna, Ashanti and Aubrey? No thanks. Aubri, with an i, is better at least. No more August and Almah...

These are just my opinions, dont take it personally. Most of them are nice names, but you want a smaller list right!? Good luck!

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