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Is it a form of cheating watching girls get naked at parties or playing strip poker?
Isn't it pretty disrespectful to watch and enjoy other girls getting naked and drunk and putting on a show? Playing strip poker seems like a form of cheating too. What do you think?
Not necessarily. Some call that entertainment. I mean if he watches girls and doesn't touch them, and then comes home and "nails" you, as in it gets him all excited, then I suppose he's always going to come to you for the main event.

Honestly, its not healthy for you as a couple, unless of course you're a participant playing strip poker with her.

My best advice is, if you're going to do something like this, better clear the air about it first. A gal can get mighty upset about her man going out and playing strip poker with loose women who make bad choices.
For Guys: Strip Poker?
My boyfriend was drunk while playing strip poker with his guy friends and just two other girls and I. When they finished the game, my boyfriend and a couple of other guys said the three of us girls need to play next time 'cause it was more fun with just a few girls. Would you rather play strip poker with a few girls or a lot? They kept making us take off clothes, like normally everyone as a couple things off by we were losing clothes really fast.
a few girls would be better, more intimate
Is it ok for married couples to play strip poker?
Just like the heading reads....
Ok we'll include non married couples as well.....

Nothing more than having some drinks as a group, then playing a game of strip poker..
Nothing more,, no touching or any crap like that..

Just curious on other people's opinions.....
Absolutely it's okay. If everyone has the same good-clean-fun attitude about it. It is great fun, especially if you have a regular group.
My bf, his friend & 2 girls playing strip poker, reason for not doing coke = me?
adding some stuff. I mean that *I* don't know how many beers he had or how drunk he was during strip poker. I don't think I woulda minded as much if there were 5 guys & 5 girls. It seemed a lil too personal, 2 girls & 2 guys :( I esp wouldn't have minded if there were more guys & if the guys were mostly taking their clothes off cept him, or the girls. The girls didn't take anything off. He didn't say why not when I asked. He said they would have tho. :( How could he not really care bout having a gf??? :( He was pretty drunk. I didn't want him to come over after. Couldn't believe he did that! & some1 asked the other nite if their bf would cheat if they had the perfect opp'ty where their gf would never know,etc. I said no. Spoke 2 soon. Re: coke, I went to diff bar on the way to the bar that we were going to. I hadda go home 1st. That's why I don't know how drunk he was Hope that if we break up that he never goes back to drugs. Feel that it's right to break up BUT just can't do it :$
OMG is what i have to say but it sounds like ur man can't be trusted around alchol and i wouldn't trust him either just do it u don't want some1 who gets wild crazy with just beer god it's only beer most of them taste like crap anyways.
Ever Play the Strip poker Board Game Passout ? Don't I ended up wearing panties! Do all girls cheat in games?
We were all set to play strip poker last night ( planned ahead), when the girls we were with brought out this board game "passout" . It looked like a cross between a drinking game and strip poker. We all agreed to folow the rules, that included chugging drinks and light kissing. What my buddies and I did not notice we several squares on the board where you had to swap an article of clothing with the opposite sex. It turned out there were even action cards that involved this. Too make a long story short every time one of the girls hit one of these squares they switched underwear on us making us sit around in their bras or panties or both. They thought this was hilarious and I did to till it happened to me !The worst was that the gals had chosen to wear really lacey grany panties for the game instead of thongs. We finally quit because the girls were having most of the fun.It was not till later we found out they were cheating all the time. We feel like fools
Why do girls always cheat?
Too Funny!!!!
Played it several years ago, and the same sort of thing happened. I played most of the game in boxer shorts and my boyfriend in panties.

It sounds like you were hanes for her, I bet you looked cute !
Lost it all in strip poker?
alright so i royally ****** up the other night. me & some of my girls were getting wasted with my boyfriend & his friends. through out the whole night randoms were like lets play strip poker, we were all drunk, & we've all been friends for so long that i didn't think it would matter at all. my boyfriend was complaining that he was tired & went to bed just before we decided to play. I didn't even strip, no one saw any of my lady parts at all, opposed to my friends & one of his - who got pretty much got completely nude, but keep themselves covered. then next day after everyone left my boyfriend flipped his **** & started packing up all of his things. i completely understand that he's mad, he has the right to be but i did tell him what happened, he did know that we were playing the game & in my mind i didn't do anything wrong because i didnt cheat on him or anything like that. i feel terrible now though because we've been together pushing 5 years & he's my bestfriend. ive apologized multiple times for what happened but he keeps saying he cant get over it. please any advice on what to do or say would be really appriciated. i feel really bad & just want to make things better
Lack of trust on his part, tell him to hit the road because, if he liked what he saw in you he should of put a ring on it!
What if your gf whos is in the air force in another state. told you she played strip poker with a random guy?
where in a serious ralation ship. i got her a promise ring and everty thing. well one day she calls me on her phone all like drunk. and then she tells me that she played strip poker with some friend of hers. almost nude
Let me tell you first hand. It would take a strong girl to fend off all teh horney young airmen who live in the dorms.

Most of the time even the below average women think they are babes because of all the attention they receive from desparate airmen who have no life.

If she played strip poker chances are she got poked. Dump her now and and call it a lesson learned or you'll pay later on when you get dumped on and it hurts like no tomorrow.

I've been in the Air Force for 16 years I see it happen everyday and then it even happens if your married. Best bet is if you are married keep your family away from all military fucntions.
Whats a good strip/drinking game for 2 people?
I wanna play a drinking game with my boyfriend that involves a little striping. Does anyone know of any? Like directions too strip poker or anything that would involve alcohol??
Strip poker is easy. Whoever loses the hand has to drink and take and item of clothing off.

You can apply that to any game.
Even tho he played strip poker... & him not doing drugs... do you think he loves me ?
My bf played strip poker w/ his friend & 2 girls. I got mad @ him when I found out. He thought that it was cute that I got jealous. He told me that these 2 girls were like 300 lbs. Well I saw one of them & she isn't all THAT ugly... He made them sound like... well, way overweight than I'd think. They were drinking. He did it outta peer pressure. 1st he took off his shades lol. Then instead of taking off his watch or something, he took off his shirt. Basically he said that he didn't care that he had a gf... :s :( BUT, he's also kinda hinted bout that I should break up w/ him. BUT, tonight he told me that he could have done coke. He quit drugs for me. He told them that he couldn't do it cuz he loves me too much. He had a few beers too. Not sure how many or how drunk he was when it happened cuz I wasn't there. GLAD I wasn't there !!! NEVER wanna see coke or any other drug !!! Not even pot. They said that the strip poker was just for fun. Would you consider it to be cheating still ? :(
First consider how old he is, if he is still submitting to peer pressure than he is not mature enough to be in a committed relationship, Sorry. Second cheating is the eye of the beholder if u think he cheated than he cheated. There are different types of cheating there is physical, emotional and ethical. Which do u think he did? If u so No and u love him ENOUGH to put with the guilt trips( well i must love u i gave up drugs for u, if he only did it for u then hes going to go right back to the drugs eventually)and the partying and the inconstensy then let it go and move on with ur relationship with him.
Girls what would you do if your boyfriend had been playing strip poker with other girls?
Ok so this happened a while ago but i've been thinking about it a lot lately.

Anyway, me and my boyfriend had been dating about 4/5 months when he went to visit one of his friends who had moved away for uni. He hadn't saw him in a while and i had no problem him going to visit.
So while he was there they were hanging out with his friends' uni friends and sort of had a party at the student halls. My boyfriend text me telling me about this. I was ok with it cos he never mentioned any girls being there (i thought it was just guys hanging out getting drunk - his friends are nerdy so i assumed there was no girls).

When he came back from visiting his friend he mentioned about playing strip poker. I was like what? And he said its ok the girls didn't take anything off.

I was furious.
1) that he wasn't completely honest with me (he didnt lie about no girls being there but he didn't tell me either)
2) that he'd consider participating in strip poker when he had a girlfriend
3) cos he said that he thought i'd "be alright" with it.

What girlfriend would be ok with their boyfriend playing strip poker with other girls???
We had an argument about it at the time and its sorted now but i feel like i let him off too easily.

Girls what would you do if your boyfriend had been playing strip poker with other girls?

I guess my problem was being too nieve.
Perhaps ask nicely if he'd be OK with you playing strip poker with a bunch of guys, how would he feel so he understands why you may be a little bothered. IT may have been really innocent though, sounds like it may have been, he may have joined in just to be cool, I think i'd let this one go and see how things went from now on....?

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