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Is it ok to look at young white girls cute butts at the mall?
Is it ok to look at young girls cute butts at the mall?
I am a 33 year old guy. Sometimes when I go to the mall, some of the younger white girls have cute butts. Is it ok to sneak a peek when I see them walk by? I dont intend on ever approaching or touching them but I am attracted to little cute round butts. When they wear those tight jeans or short mini skirts, its a big turn on.
Dude, sometimes its better to just keep those thoughts to yourself...
Is it ok to look at young girls cute butts at the mall?
I am a 33 year old East Indian guy. Sometimes when I go to the mall, some of the younger white teenage girls have cute little butts. Is it ok to sneak a peek when I see them walk by? I dont intend on ever approaching or touching them but I am attracted to little cute round butts. When they wear those tight jeans or short mini skirts, its a big turn on.
Is it ok to look at girls cute butts at the mall?
I am a 33 year old guy. Sometimes when I go to the mall with my wife, some of the younger girls have cute butts. Is it ok to sneak a peek when I see them walk by?
Why do people think the stuff which happens in jail is gay?
yall dont understand. we men have sexual desires in prison they aint givin us no women so someone gotta give us some bootay. thas just how it is n im a warrior so i can get almost any mans butt i want in this wing but i prefer young white guys with they cute butts!
I be think'n yo black booty look'n good 2 me ma man.
Hey look....u dun dropped yo SOAP...bess u bend ova n' pick
it up bro....nudge/nudge....wink/wink
Why do so many young women have large butts these days?
First off, I should tell you Im 43, married with three guys. So im a little OLD school. I have noticed it these days though. I remember back 20 years ago, if a girl was THIN, so was her butt. A cute small butt.

These days is a different story. I live near a college campus for instance. Young girls, in their 20's, have a small waist, look good but a lot of them have these huge, fat butts. is this something new? Is Jlo influencing our country?
Lol Jessica, I think he is complaining.
Because we know how to work with what we got. ;)
I look too young?
im not very curvy, at all. my sister has like double d's, prob bigger now, i dont want my boobs that big, but yeah, i have like a cups. i have a small body, i have a cute butt, its not big tho, but yeah, i just look like a little girl still, my body overall is nice, i have nice legs, and everything is porportionate, and yeah. Im 5'4 ish, but i just still look young. my mas side looks young, but at my age she looked older than me, im 17, and my sis is jsut like from my dads side, and they alll looked like they were in their 20's when they were in their teens. I just want to look at least a bit older when im 19 or 20. I want to feel feminine. To me deep down i think its all about the sexual attractive ness. ppl tell me im cute/pretty all the time, but mostly its just cute, i am a very sexual person, im attracted to lots of ppl, i just want them to feel the same way i do about them sexually. I dont rly have that high of standards even.Is there hope i grow/look older?
You sound cute!!
Just be happy with yourself!!
When my boyfriend sees me naked do you think he'll be turned off by the scar on my butt?
Hi. Ok, so when I was young I was attacked in the behind by a dog. It caused me to have a lot of stitches and left a scar on my *** :P
Otherwise my butt is fine :) Now that I'm older, and have a boyfriend who I've been dating for a while, I love him like crazy, you think if he saw me naked he would be turned off by my scar. Its like an inch long. I've told him about it, but I'm afraid he'll think it ruins my cute butt. lol. What do you think?
I think personalities are permanent and looks are fleeting. You should aspire for a permanent relationship not a temporary one. If he cares more about your outside and less about your inside, now would be the best time to find that out, so you can dump him and find the right man for you.

You should also give yourself more credit and worry less about the things you have no control over, otherwise life is going to be cruel to you.
How do you know if a young guy is gay or bisexual and he likes you?
i need to know becuz i totally like this one guy who comes into the store i work at, and he is like totally like my type, pretty eyes, feminmish male features, and nice legs very tall 1 inch taller then me..XD

you see i have a problem stareing at guys, especically if ther hot and gorgeuos boys, i don't understand why my eyes seem to stay stuck on boys other then girls, but hers the story.

i turn around, he walks in a a minute later he is staring my way, i don't know if he is staring at me, he is so gorgious, he has dark brown skin, nice silky hair, what i picture myself, i really want to stare at him, but im afraid i might let him know im in to him, bcuze my eyes are very flirtiaous even when i don't mean to, so people tend to look away from my glare, so i turn around to gain my focus, hope i see him again, i can't stop thinking about him, and how so pretty he is, im hoping he come my way, so im looking all over the store for him, i see him, he is so tall, im like taking a glance at his butt, imaginaing what his butt looks like, naked, im striping him naked with my eyes, i begin to get nervous for some reason, i act like i don't see him, i ignore him and his presence, i turn around he standing in the kodak section and he is look straight at me, his glare made me melt halfway, but i didn't want workers to know that im in to men, like him, and i really what to show him that im into him, and i want to flirt with him and im asking myself is he in to guys, also, that he would stare, maybe im ugly, i think im ugly, but others say im cute, handsome young guy, i like thinking how is he seeing me looking from far away soemthing doesn't add up.

then im checking people off, he gets in line, and im wondering why he didn't get in any other line but this one??? im like so aroused now, and happy, im like hurrying up trying to get the others out of the store, knowing that im a insecure person, something drove me want and talk to him, so he came up to me, and about to ring his stuff off, my whole entire personality changed, attitude everything, something extremely emotionally happened to me, somehow thers was this tingling overwhelming sickness feeling in my stomach going up every nerve of my body, and my body lanaguge became smoother, and slick, as i was ringing his stuff off, my voice changed to a mellow kind of echoeing type, so hot, i tried to avoid his eyes, i could not, he was like staring at me so much in my eyes, i was insecure, but he made me feel good somehow, i felt like he had a secret, he eyes looked directly into my eyes, but in a curious way, his body was almost leaning over the register counter, i felt drawn closer to him. at that point i just wanted him to screw my brains out, i got aclearer look at his face is nt so bad looking, he is pretty he has a slight mustache , smaller face, hair in his face, and he was just looking at me, he even talk to me, in a sexy voice. now im obsesed with him, i just want to know if hes into boys, i want to see him so bad again, im like gonna die

i have OCD for him, im dieing, its a medical problem. and i really do, and don't think you undertsand what OCD is....

how can you tell if a guy is HOMO or not? are guys interested when they stare into your eyes like that, his whole body langauge was arousing for some reason.
I know what OCD is, I was diagnosed with it when I was 9. But you can't tell if someone is gay just by their actions unless they are making out with another boy or something of the equivalent. You have to ask them to really know. Since you see this guy at your work, I wouldn't ask him, because that may be at risk of your job, especially if he isn't. If he is, then let him make the first move. It doesn't matter how much you are attracted to someone, you can't be sure that they will feel the same way. So my advice to you, is to keep living your daily life, don't let this disrupt who you are, and try not to over analyze things. If something is to happen with this person, it will happen. You don't need to make it happen.
Is having their butt grabbed while making out a turn-on for women?
So I just started seeing this girl who is 28. I am 24. We haven't had sex as yet, but have been making out quite a bit. Historically, grabbing the girl's butt while making out has been a huge turn for me, and have had no negative responses from women in the past. However, the girls I have dated so far were all younger or about the same age as I am. The girl I am currently seeing is 4 years older than I am, so I am wondering if she'd find it a turn on if I grabbed her butt while we make out. [She is HOT and has a really cute butt, I can't help it ;)].

I am a decent guy, so I don't want to seem too grabby. I happen to like her too, so this is not all just physical. Just wondering how women in the age group (27-33) feel about butt grabs while making out :]

Thanks for your help.
Ask her if it's ok first.

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