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All Comments

Butt augmentation?
Is there such thing as fat injections in the but or any kind of butt injections or just implants?
well i have now seen a new lower level of shallow thinking
you can get a firm butt at almost any age by exercising!

why would you want to risk your ability to sit into your old age and to your last days with some asinine idea like this stuffing your butt??
Can I have butt and breast augmentation in the same surgery ?
I am looking into getting breast augmentation and butt augmentation.
I will have to take a few weeks off of work.
I was wondering if I could have them both in the same surgery or really close together so I don't have to take too much time off work ?
Thanks, (:
Stories of breast & butt augmentation greatly appreciated !
Can he do it standing up? Don't think so.
How many of you women would consider having butt implants or butt augmentation?
I see so many white women walking around looking like they've been corn fed, some obviously has gone under the knife and then there are some who naturally have a big caboose, so I was just wondering how many women would consider going under the knife to achieve a bigger butt.
I have no *** and I'm a big chick so I dunno how that works lol as for butt implants probably not, I was watching a medical show and the stuff you have to go thru doesn't seem worth it - They put the implants in basically where your crack is - painful much, and then your not allowed to sit for 6 weeks, it's also the most painful plastic surgery you can have - Maybe if they gave me enough pain killers to pass those 6 weeks thru as a breeze I'd consider it.
How do I talk to my wife into getting butt augmentation?
I love women with the booty. My wife has a decent booty, but I am attracted to someone at work with a nice booty and definitely lust over. I don't think my wife will want to do it, but I think she would be much sexier with a bigger booty. Any suggestions?
i think that if you married her,
then you should already love her,
with or without plastic in her butt
Can butt augmentation get me to have kim kardashian's butt?
I want to get my butt done in december but im not sure if they can actually give me one to resemble jennifer lopez or kim kardashians butts. Does anybody know anything about the procedure. Thank You
okay so what is wrong with you, why is it that we always want to look like somebody else God made us who we are for a reason, the things we go through only makes us strong I bet you are beautiful anyway don't be her be you and your Natural beauty will shine through.
Can someone tell me of a good place to have a butt augmentation done in the san francisco bay area? Cost?
I am tight on money but really want this so the best deals would be great cause I am looking to do this VERY soon. Thank you
About how much does a Brazilian butt augmentation cost?
I really don't know
could anyone explain what this "Brazilian butt augmentation" is?
Is it a surgery thing?

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