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Do preppy white guys like big booty latina girls?
Just curious. I think they are more interested in the really skinny paris hilton type. Like the ones with no booty and very little chest?? I don't think they like big booty latinas. Is it just me?
In my

But that was in high, i've gotten glances and stares from white preppys. I just think that when they are young, they're stupid and naive and have this idea of white skinny "Paris Hilton"-like girls and that's the only thing they look for. But once they mature and realize what they're missing out on...that's when you know they are intelligent!
Can anyone agree latina countries appreciate a bigger booty from a women than the general American population?
I look at the models from America and it seems like the ideal beauty are skinny blonde women with a rack. When I look at models from South America they seem to be more curvy especially in the rump area. It's weird how societies have different tastes. Like in Korea in my opinion they lean more towards cuteness.
I agree
Any big booty latinas in here/ I want your advice on how?
to pick up big booty latinas. Im a latino college student, gl, but not the average thug latino, Im the educated prep kind. My dream girl is a curvy latina, but I dont know what they like or the kind of guys you girls go for. BTW, I live in los angeles if it matters, and Im 22.
Well that;s for us to know and u to find out YES?

As if we are going to tell u the secrets LOL first n foremost let us see u have a great personality and look past our big booty's coz we are ppl too not objects of desire well err heem cough cough......LOL, ♥
Should I waste my time with this girl?
I, recently met this drop-dead gorgeous, voluptuous, big booty latina and all she does is talk about her ex boyfriend. She said she is very attractive to me, but is not sure what she is looking for. So answer the question.
Depends on what you're after.
Fellas, how much of a gap do you lie about your age to girls?
Specially if you really look younger?..Example, if your 30 do you say your 28? 25? And, what does it depend on?.. I'm 33 and i'm in-love with this hot 21 yr old big booty latina. I told her I was 25 when we met, and she still doesn't know, because I have a baby face with dimples and I don't look 33.
I never lie. When you lie at some point you have to lie again to either back up the first lie or to make up for the lie. It's not cool to lie even about age. I dated a girl who was 17 when I was 34. I didn't have to lie and she accepted me at that age. 9 times out of 10 someone that will lie to you will also steal from you so why start the chain that leads to that. I know from experience.

I've been told I look like I'm 35 or 36 when I was a bit older. Now they think I'm 45 or so when I'm 51. I'm just damn good looking.
Why would any guy like an indian woman over a latina?
not trynna be racist but theres a guy in my school (latino) who i really like. but he likes an indian (like from india; south asian) girl. i have a hot body (big booty n all) while that indian girl's body isnt that great. i thought latino guys liked girls with hot bodies?
Sweetie, I personally think indian women are the most beaitful race. I'm latina myself, and yes, most of us have hot bodies, but maybe the guy doesn't like girls for their body or looks, he likes girls that aren't cocky like you and I.... You seem self-absorbed,and self centered, which is usually a turn off.
American Apparel sizing for a latina please?
Hi, I'm from mexico and I'm buying a pair of leggings from the online store but It's hard for me to choose : I'm 5'10 (1.78cm) , 69kg, my waist is about 95cm (39inches)
I normally wear a size 11 jean
I'm pretty tall, skinny with a big booty.
¿what size should pick?
I would recommend XL size.
Would U cheat on your flatass girlfriend for a bigger booty having one if at heart you were always abooty man?
A QUESTION FOR THE FELLAS ..I KNOW IKNow its a shallow question im just running a survey here guys .. please be honest lol
if you loved big butts ..but u fell in luv with a flat- *** girl would you always think you could of done better or be tempted to leave her for a bigger booty chik?..YOu see cause im latina BUT sad to say im not packing much and everytime i date someone i think theyre not attracted to my body .Yeah yeah the inside counts i know they love my personality and i have a pretty face and great boobs by the way BUt i have No *** ..its small :(..they say the physical doesnt count but u know it does!!I i date latiin men and they sure luv curvaceous girls im not one of them and coincidently my ex's end up with big booty girls AND IM STILL SINGLE!! COULD MY *** BE THE PROBLEM LOL I KNOW WHAT URE THINKING IM ***-CRAZED AND INSECURE !! AND NO IM NOT A TEENAGER IM in my 20's ..(Hey cut me some slack all the woman in my family have j-lo figures, EZ on the answers plz LOL )
Take it from a total @ss man, yes, much *** is nice, but not necessary. It's one possible attractive feature in a girl among countless other aspects. Plus there are some people out there that are loyal, and monogomous. Not many anymore, but some.
Have you ever seen an Asian girl with a nice big fat butt?
If I ever saw an Asian girl with a booty like a Latina I'm sure it would be insta-love.
Yes, I've seen many such gals.

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