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Is it the norm for teenagers to fantasize over women with big breasts?
Is it normal at 17 to get aroused by women with big breasts and is this wrong?
Do most men love this?
It's normal, don't worry.
Clothing for big breasted women?
I am 18 and have a breast size of 12E and they haven't finished growing... Are there any good lingerie, swimwear or clothing brands that specialise in big breasted women which are available in Australia? Especially ones for teenagers?
Lucky you are in Australia - my favorite swimwear/lingerie/ sportswear designer is there, and they do really well with "well endowed" womens clothes. Everything is young and fun, well designed and well made. It seems like I see their things all over now, at places like Ibiza, St. Barth's, Bali, South Beach and Punta Del Este:
Teenagers males big breasts! how to lose em when their owner IS NOT fat???
its ma friend prob not mine thou lol
Tell him not to worry, it is surprisingly common, my son went through this recently. The condition can last up to a year, and is primarily connected to puberty.
I know it will be tough, lots of boys may take the mickey, but he just has to get through it. With a good mate there for him he should be ok.
Big breasted but slender problem?
I'm 16, 5'8 and I'm a DD cup. I had a breast reduction (which is not very common for a teenager). But I'm very slender usually between 34-32DD. Once I was 30DD but usually I'm a 34-32 depending on the brand. I have back problems (obviously). I was wondering if a corset could help. I have really bad posture from leaning over and I've read that corsets help a lot of bigger breasted women and ones with bad posture. I won't wear one twenty four seven or do anything like that but I would probably wear it 14-18 hours a day. Or unless you have another idea because bras do absolutely nothing to take the weight off. I've tried every type of bra from compression to sport to undercup and so on. And not many bras are offered to slender women with big breasts. Most DD cups are like 38 at least. Please help.
a corset COULD help of you were only using it for additional support of you back, and not using it for what the traditional function of a (real) corset slim the waist. If you were going to take this route, you would want to invest in corsets with metal boning. (as someone else has already mentioned)

however, wearing a corset is not going to help you improve your posture if you fall back into old habits when you don't have it on. I understand your pain, believe me, I'm a 38DDDD and have been at that size since I was 14 and I'm 24 now. (well....from 14-16 I was a 36DDDD but I started trying to do exercises to build upper body strength to help me support my breasts that put me in a 38). Good posture is sometimes difficult, as its easier and less stress on your back to try to slouch, but its better for you. i understand how the weight is affecting you too...if I were to chop off my breasts, I'd lose 30 pounds weighed them.

as for finding bras...if you are in the US, go to Dillards. This is where i buy my bras and the have a brand called Whimsy that I regularly buy. I KNOW that they make bras in your cup size. There is also a more pricey brand there called Wacoal, that provides wonderful support.

best of luck to you and I hope that this helped.
Shirts for big breasted women?
Okay I am a teenager. I am not fat at all I am 125 lbs and 5'6" but I have really big boobs. I am a 36C and I was wondering if there are any kind of shirts that I can wear than dont make me look fat. Because my boobs are so big all shirts I wear make the rest of my body look big too. Plz help! Thank you
u should try wearing shirts with belts to show off ur waist. then u wont look fat.
What do you think of teenagers these days?
I think guys are growing up way to fast. they have music and they need to know them or memorize them just to be in the "in" crowd.
And girls stuff their bras!Which btw i think its....weird...big breast does not mean good looking!Guys asked girls to show their breast as in pull their bra up....Guys sometimes have no respect for girls!And they are being pushed to have girlfriend and boyfriends at like the age of 10!But nowadays college is very important...
And i think they are given more information then back then...
My only problem with teenagers is how rude some of them can be. My mother raised me to be very respectful of others and I do not see this in many teenagers now a days. I had a teenager recently call me a ***** because I was standing in her way. Instead of saying excuse me, like a mature person would. I think it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their guyren to have respect for themselves so that they are not doing all of the things you just asked about. I hope you are not like that...we need more positive roll models for our future daughters. Good Question!!
Do U Think It's Sexist for Society to Give the Message That if a Woman has Big Boobs She is More Successful?
I totally think it is very sexist. In The USA it is like if a woman has big boobs she is popular, gets ALL the guys, is sexier than smaller breasted women, and always wins. I BELIEVE THIS IS WRONG! ALL BREASTS ARE SEXY! Society is saying to little girls and teenagers that you must get bigger boobs nature or surgery to be hot and a great number of women believe this. I think it's SAD when women go in to get breast implants. Breast Augementation IS VERY RISKY. The Body may Reject the implants. BY NATURE WOMEN MUST BE A LITTLE OVERWEIGHT TO HAVE BIGGER BOOBS. SKINNY GIRLS WITH NATURAL BIG BOOBS IS RARE. Why does Socitey promote the Barbie/Teresa/Christie Doll image?
I agree with you. The image came, not surprisingly, from men. The body that has the proportions of a Barbie doll does not occur naturally. It is an exaggerated ideal of a woman who appears to be clearly fertile. There is some proportion of the measurements of breasts to waist to hips that creates this sexy look, and I remember it had to do with the appearance of probable fertility, and a man's horniness is a natural instinct which is a species survival tool, ie, men want to spread their seed on fertile ground.

That's why. It has nothing to do with her mind or her value to society for her contributions other than procreation.
How does a young teenager get their breast bigger?
I know that you guys are thinking just wait and they will grow. But it's embarrassing, I wear a B when all my friends wear D and DD.
OK THIS IS THE BEST ANSWER AND IT WORKS! I tried it. Im a guy and it got me Amazing results! Buy some tea tree oil or lavender oil or something with one of those ingrediants. Next go to a place in your house where you can lie down. Apply some of the oil to your breast and then massage them to get your circulation going there. Do this for about three minutes every day and within a month your breasts should be growing pretty sweet. By the way if you dont believe me, look it up online! Its true! I did it and it got me actual breasts! lovely round ones!
Transsexual's breasts to growing or have them boob job?
I am too exciting to ask around one of sisterhoods about the breasts.

When you are on hormones (m2f), your chest will growing to small breasts like teenagers, but will you stay and patience until they are getting bigger like adult? Or can't you patience and straight to boob job to getting bigger breasts overnight? Honestly, I prefer to stay patience to have them real than a fake round breasts! Size doesn't matter, right? Says something! I'd like to know your experience to those real or fake breasts. Thanks mwah!
let the hormones do their thing before doing *anything*. little and real is better than big and fake.

everybody is different, but the usual expectation is a cup size smaller than your mom. this may or may not be good news for you... :-)

transitioning young helps, as it always does. i started on hormones when i was 21, was about a b cup when i had my srs at 24, kept growing for a couple of years afterward, and now wear a 44d bra, the same size as my mom.

if you're older than about 15 when you start on hormones, don't expect to make it to tanner stage 5. stage 4 is more likely, which is where my boobs stopped.

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