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What types of shirts are best for me?
Okay, so I have largeee breasts.. i'm 15 and i wear a 36DD. It's extremely hard to find shirts that make me look good and at the same time don't expose too much cleavage. I don't like going up in size on my shirts because then it makes me look bigger everywhere else. I need some ideas on what kinds of shirts will work best for my size breasts, not make me look bigger, and keep me from looking like a slut. =)
I'm 15 and wear 32DDD so i'm right there with ya. I like to wear empire wasted shirts cause sometimes big boobs can make your waist look wider and these kinda suck it all in while making your boobs look nice but not too big. hope this helps! :)
Should me and my best friend (a guy) start dating or just keep it the way it is?
Alright so here is the story my best friend is a guy he has been my best friend since we were little guys since 2nd grade when I went to his birthday party our parents setup but anyways. Hes my best friend and I go over to his house almost every day and when his parents aren't there I would usually give him a handjob not as a relationship thing just because sometimes it was hard to get off without porn or anything so just as a nice friendly gesture (sounds kinda slutty but we tell each other everything and I mean everything) so I have probably given him a handjob over 100 times in all honesty but the other day I was having trouble getting him off so I put his hand up my shirt over my bra and let him squeeze a little bit then I brought his hand down pushed my bra down a little bit so my breasts was exposed and put his hand up there again. He kept going a little lower me not really paying attention then he put his hand down my pants stroking my panties right outside my vagina and eventually putting his hand down there and fingering me as I gave him a handjob. At this point I made a terrible decision I got off him for a second and took my shirt off(breasts still exposed) and before I hopped back on him he took of his pants completely and his shirt (completely naked) so I fallowed suit and I let him go in (after he pulled a condom I guess you could say he is sexually active). I started moaning and we were having sex he fell asleep after we were both satisfied ( it was about 10:00 Pm and we had school the next day. I decided not to go and I texted him I had to go to the dentist and they were pulling out a tooth so I wouldn't be coming over or texting because I was going to be in pain. Is this an isolated incidence or are we going farther into the friends with benefits thing or should we start going out?(I know he is not using me hes more important to me than anything in the world)
Ok, so you didn't really plan to have sex but you had sex anyhow. At least a condom was used and that means both of you were smart about this. Maybe it is a FWB but that doesn't mean it won't develop into a real relationship over time. Would you really mind being his GF? How would you feel if he introduced you to someone who you don't know as his GF? How do you feel about him as a BF? You've known each other for a long time and the HJ thing tells me that you aren't overly prudish when it comes to sex. So just relax and enjoy and see how things turn out.
How do i move on after being attacked by 'supposed' best friend?
My 'best friend' attacked me in the street two days ago. She was so vicious that the police told me i could press charges and my family were furious. She attacked me in broad daylight ripping my top so my breasts were exposed and pummelling me in the face and the head like i was a human punching bag. Even though she knew i had epilepsy. The rage that came out was like something i'd never seen before, and the things she was saying 'you dumb b*tch, you f*cking *****!' we'd never spoken to each other like that we've been 'friends' for three years. She even turned into a bully saying that she wanted to beat me up all over again. We were having an argument, she'd been trying to provoke me the whole day, we've argued before but never sworn at each other or got into a physical fight. I can't believe she thought she was superior enough to attack me like that. What made it worse is right after she'd sworn at me, told me i should suck her ****, every insult under the sun, she said to me "I'm done with you! Friendship over!!" Then when i said calmly to her, "I'm done. Have a nice life." On my way home she called me ten times, texted me, i just want to talk.Two days after i'd spoken to the police she called again and spent over fourty five minutes trying to get my brother to put me on the phone. She did everything, crying, sobbing, saying she wanted to apologise.When i got on the phone i told her i never want to hear from her again. I called her every name under the sun. My friend has a history of mental illness, she used to have delusions, she was even seeing things on that day. Yet i know her mental illness had nothing to do with it? She had planned to attack me. I just want to know how i move on from the fact that while she was smiling at me she had all this hidden resentment? I know she's sorry. I was an incredible friend, but how in one moment of pent up rage could she be stupid enough to not think of the consequences of her actions?How could she be so dumb and how do i move on?
It's not her fault
It's hard to control a mental illness.
I don't think she meant to hurt you.
I think you should forgive her.
it sounds like she really loves and cares about you
Maybe forgive her as just a friend and not as a best friend.
What was the absolute best year since 2000 ?
This is a question for all. Even here for you religious
and non religious fans. Some say 2002, was a great
one. I say 2004, the year George Bush was re elected,
and Janet Jackson's breast was exposed..... Incredible
time for many folks. Some say 2000, the era that
was the end of the beginning. A time when the internet
became a house hold name. Like Y2K. That was crazy.
But it has been off and on. Last year was mediocre
at best. The year before um, rather sporadic.
But what year was the best, since 2000, from front to
back. All the way through. Think back, to certain
events, major political power moves, films, sports,
world wide phenomenons. Etc. Which year was
the absolute best since 2000 ? Answer here. ~~~
yea I vote for 2004 also!! WHAT A CRAZY FREAKING year that was!!! but I loved ever minute of it =)
Could the toxins we ingest and pass on to our babies when breastfeeding make formula feeding the "best" option
I started thinking about this after answering this question:…

I looked into it and behold, underneath all the pro-breast propaganda, there it was, pages of research suggesting that breast may NOT be best. Why? Well, look at the crap and toxins that are present in the food and drink we consume every single day. 100 years ago we did not have hormones added to animals diets and we did not use pesticides on the scale we do now and we were not exposed to the high number of environmental toxins we are exposed to now. Maybe breastfeeding was "best" back then but with all the toxins in our bodies these days, maybe breast is not best anymore. Maybe the doctor referred to in the question above knows what he's talking about.

Here is one article on toxins and breastfeeding that might interest you:…

I know the kellymommed breast zealots will have lots to say..

There is a wide variety of scholarly literature on infant feeding available to you via your local public library.

Just a few that I can personally recommend:……………

The Rima Apple history is a particularly good read.

From Dr Jack Newman (whose book is one I particularly recommend as well):

"The question of toxins in breastmilk is being addressed in a patient handout because the issue comes up every few months, as regular as clockwork, in the media and frightens many pregnant women out of breastfeeding their babies and many women who are already breastfeeding into stopping. Journalists do not seem to know how to handle this question very well. It is likely that some have an ulterior motive (“my baby wasn’t breastfed and he’s okay”), and are carrying some baggage of their own, thus finding a way of getting back at breastfeeding advocates and justifying their “choice of infant feeding”. It is, of course, unprofessional to do this, but that doesn’t stop them. Others are merely trying to get out the news, but without understanding, often, what they are doing. They don’t understand, for example, that by talking about toxins in breastmilk and considering formula as an almost as good alternative, they are striking a blow against breastfeeding.

Why are there all these studies that look at toxins in breastmilk? One gets the impression that there is panic about the state of breastmilk in the modern world, that it is so polluted that everyone is trying to study it. But the reason that breastmilk is being studied so often is that it is easily available, and gives us an easily obtained sample of human fluid. That’s the reason, not because scientists are worried about breastmilk in particular...

But toxins are not good are they?

No they are not, but breastfeeding helps to diminish their bad effects. Here are some facts:

Toxins increase the risk of developing some cancers. True, but the evidence shows that breastfeeding babies have a lower risk of some cancers than artificially fed babies.
Toxins may interfere with neurological function and learning abilities. True, but the evidence shows that guyren who were breastfed do better on neurological and intelligence tests than artificially fed guyren, and the longer they are breastfed, the better they do.
Toxins may interfere with immunity. True, but the evidence shows that infants who are breastfed have better and more mature immunity than artificially fed infants, and that this better immunity carries on much longer than the length of time the infant or guy is breastfed."…
How to dress the slimmer figure?
Alot of programmes and articles stress about how to dress pear-shaped, petite, apple-shaped, the list goes on, but how do you actually dress the, well, 'perfect' figure? I wouldnt say perfect, but basically im slim, everything is in perfect proportion. I have B/C-sized breasts, a nice bum, a flat tummy, a good height and a good weight. Sometimes i wish i had bigger boobs but i think they are currently the right size for my figure. Im not particularly 'curvy' - i have curves but they're not big. I have a typical slim teenage figure.

They say being how i am anything looks good, but im not sure. I have great legs so i can get away with short skirts however i also like wearing heels. If you have a nice cleavage and nice legs, how do you get the balance right? My boyfriend loves me in skirts and revealing tops, but i feel a little too exposed that way. What are the best clothes to reveal my figure without covering myself up? As i do sometimes have a lack of un-needed self-esteem.
skinny jeans and tank
How can I be less creepy and stop looking at girl's breasts?
I go to college in Santa Monica, CA, and it is filled with gorgeous girls with their breasts and the rest of their bodies nearly exposed all the time. You may think they do it because they want attention, but as non-chalant as I have been able to keep my glances, it seems like so many try their best to cover up themselves when they see me coming like they dont' want me specifically to see. I don't think I am an unattractive guy, I have had girlfriends recently who are in league with these girls as far as hotness, and trust me, they are as superficial and insecure as any LA girls can be. The point is that regardless of whether or not I am unattractive to them, I just need to stop but don't know how, the compulsion is a little too strong, although I never stare and can't think of even a single time it was obvious I was staring at some girls huge melons when she was bent all the way over picking something up with a tank top and no bra on, which I tend to take notice of.
any thoughts?
Dude it's cool, don't stress. If you subtly glance then most girls won't notice, or if they do they won't care because "hey he was trying to be subtle"... In case of the braless wonders... just try not to stare and if you catch yourself staring and she catches you too... appologize politely and move on. You're a guy, you like boobs, you live in santa monica... you're good.
Breast is best... or is it?
I just read an article in the times this morning claiming to expose the myths of breast feeding. It basically says there is little or no evidence to say that breast milk is better for your baby than formula... it claims that any supposed benefits are due more to the class of person who breast feeds (the article states that is is more common in those with more privileged backgrounds to breast feed, possibly due to a greater access to support)...

What do you think? I'm pretty peed off though, as i sit here with cracked and bleeding nipples, to be told there is not much point and i should give my baby a bottle.
It's a flawed opinion piece, nothing more. Time and again, the huge benefits of breastfeeding have been proven.
I'm so sorry you're in pain. Have you seen a good lactation consultant? It sounds like your latch is off; that causes terrible pain! Good luck to you mama!
I almost saw my best friend's nipple slip?
The other day I was hanging out with my best friend (that's a girl I met off of the internet on a friends-only basis) and when we were out, I almost saw her nipple slip. What happened is that we were inside a place eating food, and she was sitting next to me texting on my cellphone. There was one other friend with us, he was sitting on my other side, with her being the farthest from the other friend. Other friend (left) - me (middle) - her (right). When I was looking over at her texting on my phone next to me, I could see that her shirt was drooping down a bit, and she was wearing no bra underneath, revealing quite a bit of the top of her breast. Had I looked in closer, like a few inches, I probably would've saw her nipple. But I didn't. She was sitting like that for quite awhile and I glanced a few times to see if she noticed that happened to her or if she would fix it. It lasted until we left the place. I tried to not look very much as to be a perv, or lean in closer to see her nipple. She has a boyfriend that she's very shy around (he wasn't with us), according to what she says she loves him so much that she's very shy of even talking to him. However, she talks to me far more than she does with her boyfriend. I probably know far more about her than he does. I know that she doesn't wear a bra as I talked about it with her before. The first time, we were in a store at the mall and she was trying on a tube top, and asked my opinion on what one she tried. I saw her nipples poking through, and I later asked her if she was comfortable with guys seeing such things, let alone her boyfriend letting other guys see what his girlfriend is showing off to everyone. She and I are very comfortable talking about our sexuality between each other, not about each other together. She claims to have no interest in me, only just as a friend. She seems to have taken enough interest in me to talk to me more than she does with her boyfriend, and I'm not sure if the thing at the restaurant was unintentional or on purpose. I'm a guy, and when I have my polo shirt buttons open, I feel the wind going through, the coldness. I would assume it would be very much so for the ladies since they're more exposed than the shirts that I wear, let alone as far down as their breasts. Do girls do this sort of thing to get noticed, to get attention? As I've read before that is a legitimate reason.
man thats crazy!! i would have went for a closer peepLOL but honestly if she says she not intrested then she might not be, i was attracted to one of my female friends once and she told me before we became real close that all her close guy friends always asked her out and after that she didnt talk to them, well i ende up asking her out and it didnt turn out good. eventually we became friends again but not the same as we were before. so if you got a good thing going as her friend then leave it at that. once you pass that "friend" line its hard to go back. you never know she might change her mind.

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