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Is it me, or do caucasian people look so weird(sometimes ugly) in any Asian movie or series?
This question is not meant to be racist or offensive, I'm half white and hispanic. I watch alot of Japanese series and everytime I see a picture of a white person they look SO SO weird, maybe its because I simply got used to the fact of the Asian facial features. What do you guys think?
One of many reasons is that we use our own countries' beautiful actors/actresses but when it comes to a different race, we don't.

We ,not a specific race, can't distinguish he/she is ugly or beautiful because we don't get accustomed to see the race.

Japanese in Caucasian movies look weird (and often ugly), too. Because Caucasian can't tell if he/she is ugly or beautiful so much because they don't get accustomed to see us. I saw many Japanese complained that he/she is ugly and rather they use non-Japanese (random Asians) to Japanese roles. That's terrible. And sorry I am also not accustomed to see Caucasian people..
What's the difference between Western and Asian female facial features?
When i see the only thing i see is the eyes but i would like the know all the different facial features... if there is a site i would like it or if you know yes better ^____^v thank you
west asians look more like tanned white people with dark hair.
east asians have slanty eyes and yellowish skin
What race are asian girls with curly black hair?
I've seen a few girls that have typical asian facial features, but instead of the normal straight, dark-brown/black hair, they have what appears to be naturally curly hair. Their hair is also jet-black - it doesn't get any blacker than this. Are these features unique to people from a particular country, or is it just a rare occurance among Asians in general, like red hair is among caucasians? .
I am Asian, so i do know for a fact that Asians have jet-black hair (or use to, anyway!!) and features some people might call "exotic". Regarding the hair...jet-black and wavy? Usually the Indians. The Chinese usually have naturally straight hair. However, times are changing, and so is the texture and the colour of Asian girls' hair. They call it globalization...
If South Asian men have facial hair, do they look like terrorists?
I am South Asian and I want to grow a goatee, and maybe a beard, but people tell me that I will look like a terrorist. They say they are not being racist/stereotypical/prejudiced.
Yes, they are being stereotypical but they don't think so. They image the typical terrorist to be a dark-skinned arab/ asian looking man with a beard. But a petite innocent-looking blonde haired blue eyed woman could be a terrorist as well.

And as far as how you will look in a beard, it would really depend on your facial shape and I would say that to anyone, no matter their racial background. I have an uncle who is filipino and has a baby face so he looks rather good with a beard. He of course, keeps it groomed and not all crazy like he doesn't take care of it. On the other hand, I have another filipino friend who has a very thin face and super prominent cheekbones and he tried growing a beard once but it just looked weird. He looked best clean shaven.

So, if you want, give it a try and see how it looks on you. If you don't like it, you can always shave it off and chances are, there will be people who think you are arab no matter if you have a beard or not. That one filipino friend without the beard always gets mistaken for arab, indian and even mexican and gets all the bad stereotypes thrown at him for each, even if he is not dressed or acts like the stereotypes of the race.
How comes black people get no facial hair but asian people get lots of facial hair? NOT RACIST?
black people have like no facial hair.....why?
asians like indians/pakistanis/arabs get lots of facial here at the age of like 14.....why?
white people sometimes get facial hair too....

so has it got to do with genetics or your race?
A lot of it has to with genes and climate. Could you imagine an African with a lot of body hair? I couldn't. Hair is used to keep people warm. Why would you need a lot of body hair if you lived in a place like Africa where its really hot?

But if some black people are like me, their hair blends into the skin. My hair is blonde and light brown in some places, especially on my arms. It's probably genetic. It looks like I have no hair basically.
Why did god give Asian people different facial features to Westerners?
It's a point of debate amongst the scientific community.

I want the side of you religious types for a laugh.

If you haven't noticed God has created things a lot of different ways.
In terms of just facial features, what makes a white person look white, an asian person look asian etc...?
this excludes skin color of course but what really defines you who you are? example many people attribute small eyes to asians but there are caucasians with small eyes (i.e Josh Hartnett) but yet you can still tell that he is caucasian and of course vice versa there are asian with big eyes but yet if you look at them you can still tell that they're asian? So what facial features distinguish one race/ ethnicity from another?
My friend is white, but she has an Asian face.
Many people think she's Japanese even though she's pale as a ghost.
What is the best facial moisturizer for Asian skin? What do you use right now?
Before I used Olay total effects but i didnt see the effects i needed. Then i switched to garnier. I'm in my late 20's right now. What do you ladies out there use?
use laneige or Shiseido great on asian skin
What makes someone look Asian Indian?
Im mexican but people mistake me for Asian Indian, what makes someone look Asian Indian? What facial feautures are most common in India? Is this a bad thing?
It's probably the tan skin tone. I'm half Asain and half Native American and get asked if I'm Hispanic, Indian, half black and half white, etc.
Can anyone suggest a good facial moisturizer for asian skin?
My skin type ranges from normal to oily. I don't have acne's but do break out from from time to time and it does scar. i am in my early thirties but feel like im in my forties, though nobody says i look one. i do hope some of the scarring disappear and so does the crow's feet. help!
This should answer your question.

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