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Question regarding anal insertion?
I shoved a bottle up my butt. It felt good and painful at the same time (dont judge me). But afterwards i found drops of blood. What do i do? plz dont laugh and take this sersiously :(
Yes it will heal,, BUT what Tink said above me, they make dildos for a reason
Strange Product Warning Labels?
•Sleeping Pills -- Caution: May make you drowsy.

•Lighters -- Contents flammable.

•Dog Shampoo -- The contents of this bottle should not be fed to fish.

•Shampoo -- Intended for use on hair only -- not eyes.

•Stroller -- Remove infant before folding for storage.

•Curling Iron -- Not for internal use.

•Microwave Oven -- Do not use for drying pets.

•Guy's Playhouse -- This is not a toy.

•Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush -- Do not use orally.

•King Size Mattress -- Warning: Do not attempt to swallow.

•Can of Insecticide -- This spray is harmful to insects.

•Firecrackers -- Do not light while holding in mouth.

•Fat-Free Potato Chips -- May cause anal leakage.

•Peanut Butter -- Warning: May contain nuts.

•TV Dinner -- Remove plastic wrap cover before eating.

•Batteries -- Do not swallow. C or D batteries may cause choking.

•.22-Caliber Rifle -- May cause injury or death.

•Hardware Store Rotary Drill -- This product not intended for dental purposes.

•Hemorrhoid Suppositories -- Remove aluminum wrapping before insertion.

•Disposable Diapers -- Dispose of after use.

•Electric Cattle Prod -- For use on animals only.

*runs upstairs*

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